Explained: The Biggest Cheating Scandal in Chess History (Part 1)

This video explains part 1 of the the biggest cheating scandal in chess history. This Magnus Carlsen/Hans Niemann, chess cheating scandal has rocked the chess world and wild theories, from sex toys (anal beads), to leaked prep have emerged. There are big names involved, such as Hikaru Nakamura and Danny Rensch of Chess.com and people want things explained. What really happened in the Sinquefield Cup Round 3, in St. Louis, and what next for chess following the biggest chess cheating scandal of all time!?

Part 2 here:

Hans Niemann’s Round 5 (Sinquefield Cup) interview:

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  1. Maybe hanns studied Carlson's tactics so much that he prepared himself for whatever would happen just like Fisher beat sbasky

  2. There's a game where Nieman played a tournament game, 45 moves, 100% accuracy. He's clearly not cheating, just the best player there ever was or ever will be.

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  4. Interesting, however, I do not believe that the rating argument can be used, chess players with lower ratings win against Chess Masters, experts , and Grand Masters all the time. Maybe not consistently but they can win on occasion.

  5. Calling it: he communicates using a remote vibrating buttplug. Any way to disprove this? That’s why his face is so tense. Look at his walk. He has to dump it out.

  6. Innocent until proven guilty.
    IMO Nieman has not been proven guilty.

  7. Psychology - Professionally & Spontaneously says:

    Being a bad looser is not cool

  8. Hans played in many games 100% like a ai.. magnus only achieves about 70%

  9. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈhate to say it…
    But all the kinky shit they doing nowadays
    Especially in America… wouldn't put it pass a American using anal beads to win a game… πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
    Cant win in a men's sport so identify as a woman and get a trophy πŸ†

  10. So… the world's best chess player loses to a lower ranked player in one live match, throws a temper tantrum and sets in motion a witch hunt without any evidence… sounds about right.

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    I highly recommend spying on my husband's phone without touching the phone thank you saved my marriage

  12. If you have to cheat in any stage of your career you are telling the world – and yourself – you aren't good enough.

  13. Magnus Carlsen got beat by a superior player and then made up some fake lies to protect his vanity.

  14. Hans is a known cheater. Look at his record and his own admissions. LOSER. Surprised they even let him play. He never actually said he DIDN'T cheat on this game in the interview. You can see analysis of interview here: @deceptiondetective

  15. β€œ well , where HANS had previously wanted the chess to speak for itself , ON WED 7th of SEP HE SPOKE FOR HIMSELF β€œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ well handled πŸ‘πŸ» subscribed

  16. 05:08 For real… I can't believe how disgusting some people actually are. Of course, it is only to be expected that a newspaper in our filth generation had to glorify the perversion, but Elon Musk…

  17. Im just putting this out here, there is a video of him playing against andrea botez with 30 seconds on his clock, and he was doing brilliant moves lightning fast while playing at her house

  18. If Carlsen thought he'd beat this opponent handily then he may have lost due to his own arrogance heh

  19. Im Zweifel fΓΌr den Angeklagten! Der Betrug sollte nachgewiesen werden!
    In doubt for the accused!
    Prove him cheating, otherwise it's just a dirty suspicion!


  21. Once a cheater….. always a cheater. You can see it in his eyes. He must be queer and useto it. Because any straight guy would have jumped the F out of his chair the moment the device started oscillating. Hold on there…..homey don't play this type of chess.

  22. So what's the status now? is he playing again?

  23. How does someone cheat when he's playing someone else in person and not leaving the table?

  24. You know what they say. Once a cheater always a cheater.

  25. Play on 2x speed he’s talking so slow. Either for ads or lack of brain cells

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