Dirty Chess Tricks against Sicilian – 16 (Najdorf/Classical Variation (6.e5))

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  1. Your entire line falls apart after Nc6 0-0 and then g6? Although even there, we do not need to play g6. The Knights look threatening, but there is no real threat.

  2. I've played against Nf5 a few times. After the whole 7…d5 8.Bg5 d4 line black is just better. Any black player who knows what they're doing will simply be happy to face this.

  3. U r great sir… I don't know how this 7 dislike appears…. BAM…. cheers

  4. Omg amazing!!! I played knight to f5 on the 7th move after 6. Be3 e5 Nf5 and d5 is undermining the overloaded e4 pawn and threatening a fork on d4 and bishop g5 wouldn't be the best considering you already used up a tempo moving it to e3. Nf5 is only good in the bishop e2 line. I learned this from my own experience. But this video was so amazing!!! I really appreciate your hard work!! Keep it up!!!

  5. Super amazing video, i like your videos however i was just wondering the move d5 for example 00:13:16 what if black plays h6 instead of d5?

  6. Why would anyone dislike this it's the best ever!!!

  7. GJ , it is just amazing , I have improved my score more than 200 by analyzing and applying what you teach us. For me one of the best explanations ever !!!

  8. You don't have to take dark bishop with queen. Sorry but you are wrong .

  9. Time6:15
    If Q×f3 is not done that… I mean p×f3 is.
    Then what move is for white that time?
    Please tell us in details….

  10. thank u very much . cus of u i got more points and became better at chess

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