Ding Liren Triumphs Over Praggnanandhaa in Armageddon at Norway Chess 2024

Ding Liren Triumphs Over Praggnanandhaa in Armageddon at Norway Chess 2024
Ding Liren Defeats Praggnanandhaa in Thrilling Armageddon at Norway Chess 2024
In an exciting twist at Norway Chess 2024, Indian prodigy Praggnanandhaa and World Champion Ding Liren clashed in a gripping battle. Previously, Pragg led their head-to-head in classical chess 2-0, but this time, they ended their classical game in a draw on Tuesday. The tension escalated in the armageddon game, where Ding Liren emerged victorious, securing his spot in the competitive four-player group just behind Magnus Carlsen.
The classical game, featuring an English Opening that morphed into a Fianchetto Benoni, saw limited action. However, our Game of the Day spotlight is on Ding’s thrilling armageddon win. Ding described himself as “lucky to find the tactical chance [21.]Nxb5?!,” a move that, despite the engines’ disapproval, led to a wildly complicated game.
Reflecting on his solid classical performance in round two, Ding shared a heartwarming comment from his mother, who praised his decent game, boosting his confidence. Is King Ding making a comeback? The upcoming challenge against Caruana in round three, where Ding will play Black, promises to be a stern test.
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