DAY 3 New In Chess Classic Recap

The New In Chess Classic featuring Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So, Alireza Firouzja, Teimour Radjabov, and others.

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0:00 Intro
0:39 Firouzja vs Carlsen
6:42 Wesley So vs Aryan Tari
11:11 Vidit vs Liem
20:30 Firouzja vs Duda

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  1. I was about to blow up my horse with a bazooka, thankfully Gotham told me not to

  2. magnus trapped his own bishop on purpose so that alireza overreach for that bishop .this format of 15min allows for more creative plays

  3. 24:21 Couldn’t Firouzja go knight d4 there and fork the rook & queen?

  4. Oh its not levy its lavy or Levi may be laviiii my bad

  5. I want to see magnus vs hikaru in the finals i think magnus will go through the finals but hikaru had a hard opponet in his side that is firouzja

  6. I'll have you know my grades are above 50%! They are at least 51%…..

  7. Great commentary… so Brooklyn love it.

  8. watching magnus play is so satisfying, he's on a whole different level

  9. still sad that wesley so changed his citizenship from being a filipino to an american.

  10. why wouldnt I watch such a great break down of such high quality games that even I can understand them mixed with a good portion of humor throughout

  11. Levy you've gotta stop calling me out for my mediocre college grades fr my dude it's just rude at this point

  12. we are getting roasted by just watching his videos wtf xD

  13. 23:09: don't understand at all why it disallows castling, help needed here x)
    Is it because it looses the knight?

  14. alireza’s knight might be the saddest chess story I’ve ever heard… poor horse

  15. Lets help the underdog Levi to reach a million subs before Hikaru.

  16. I like how you perfectly pronounce all those difficult names

  17. "… maybe Liem would have messed it up. {stare} That's a joke."

  18. Every one is playing london because they are impressed from pogchamps

  19. I just realized that Magnus is older than Levy 😳

  20. 'Why am I getting insulted even if I give the right responses? What is this you idiot IM from NY. I am from Russia respect me as an obligation to your nature of being. Jk ain't from Russia. Minus 3.

  21. @GothamChess Could you explain why didn't Alireza played f2f3 instead of f4 in the endgame to free his knight ?

  22. Bro i look at my phone for one second and this guy yells at me to pay attention smh

  23. How many people were not actually paying attention when Levy yelled "pay attention"? 😀 – 1 forme XD

  24. No pragg is on thumbnail is for Indian audience

  25. Big love Gotham!! Cheers for the wicked recaps

  26. Me: not paying attention
    Levy: ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION!? This is very important!
    Me: drops everything and starts paying attention

  27. 20:04 I am confused if you promoted to a queen you pin the pawn c3 so it can move. So rook takes queen, rook takes rook, pawn pushes check, rook c8, promote, rook takes queen, king takes rook and white will promote in 2 moves? Am I missing something here?

  28. It's almost guarantee for any GM to win against tari

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