classical music play chess a grandmaster grandmaster ( dark academia playlist )

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I recently discovered the dark academic aesthetic. I have never been attracted to an aesthetic before! Dark Academia embodies a lot of things I’ve come to like.
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🔴 Track list: 💖
0:00 TalesWeaver OST – Reminiscence – 피아노 커버
2:29 Solas
3:40 WATER RIPPLES – Enno Aare
6:39 ‘Nimrod’ from Enigma Variations (IX) – E. Elgar
9:35 C – from Deux Poemes de Louis Aragon – F. Poulenc
12:02 bitter milk
17:05 Enno Aare – Water Ripples
20:04 Amore Mio Aiutami
23:48 A Time of Wonder – Alexis Ffrench
27:41 “Verdi prati” from Alcina – G.F. Handel, HWV 34
(repeat list)


  1. wtf is that title? "classical music play chess a grandmaster grandmaster"

  2. A beautiful playlist, as always. Thanks so much.😊💖

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