classical music for dictators to conquer the world

classical music for dictators to conquer the world
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06 Concerto No. 2 in G Minor, RV 315 Summer: III. Presto – Vivaldi: The Four Seasons 0:00
Beethoven’s 5th Symphony 2:50
Carl Orff – O Fortuna ~ Carmina Burana 9:51
Dmitri Shostakovich – Waltz No. 2 15:12
Camille Saint-Saëns – Danse Macabre 26:39
Franz Liszt – Les préludes (napoleone) 33:48
Tchaikovsky – Piano Concerto 1 (B Flat Minor) 36:22
Chopin Polonaise Military op. 40 no. 1 (napoleone) 45:33
Händel Messiah – Hallelujah Chorus 48:56

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  1. Could somebody make another playlist that is less relentlessly normie-friendly? Who hasn't heard these pieces before? Nobody.

  2. I was sure this list will include "Palladio: 1 Alegretto" (Karl Jenkins)… that would be a considerable OST for world conquering…

  3. "I didn't say that!" -Napolean Bonaparte

  4. Her face landed on my lap
    ~~ Napoleon Bonaparte

  5. cant believe im against 1.2 million other dictators

  6. nobody:… spanish conquistadors: DING DONG your religion is wrong

  7. I'm playing stellaris while listening to this The First Order has had a victory every battle so far because the battle never ends until we win

  8. Enter the Trump. Oh no, nothing against, I'm with him.

  9. The India will be ready for this song🤓🥶(maybe in 1-2years)

  10. Putting 1812 by Tchaikovsky here would have been a good joke

  11. I was listening to this in France, suddenly France controlled pretty much all of Europe, Whoopsies sorry German Reich fanboys 🤭

  12. The first music is used for advertisements for wall paints or medicines for retirees XD

  13. “It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.”

  14. People will hate on white European colonizers/invaders soley because they invaded land but then say Napolean just spread ideas and wasn't a dictator.

    He still did the things y'all hate other conquers for, I don't see what makes him different

  15. No offense but can you try with some more niche choices. These are great but they’re like the most used classical pieces anywhere so it doesn’t give the same effect.

    Edit: How do you have Tchaikovsky but not the song he LITERALLY MADE ABOUT NAPOLEON 😭😭 (1812 Overture)

  16. All of us could debate whether Napoleon was a dictator or not. He spoke to the people about freedom, liberties and prosperity. He backed it up by the Napoleonic codes. In the state of Louisiana, of the United States. I believe they still have Napoleonic codes on their legal books. Once again, please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm a Northern Yankee, grew up in NYC. Now I am in Pennsylvania.

  17. As soon as O Fortuna hits.. someone else feel the itch to.. you know.. start something with great interest?

  18. Pooping is so intense now, thanks for the playlist!

  19. i wonder who that dictator is? mabye silly funny mustchae man, or the little guy? hmmmmm

  20. as the next president of my country " thanks "

  21. I'm reading a comic series known as Über along with this

  22. “Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.” -Napoleon Bonaparte

  23. Okey now, from the Indian subcontinent I will rule the whole world. Just wait for the music ends. After I become the king I'll meet you bro


  25. Suddenly everyone in the comments was friend with Napoleon and they all start quoting things im not sure he even said 😭🤣

  26. "In this sign you will conquer." ☧

    -Constantine the Great
    The Divinely Inspired

    Not that much of a dictator, but based… truly based…

  27. starting a revolution in bloxburg for anti communism, this helped a lot, thanks!

  28. Reading The Prince by Machiavelli to this rn

  29. Revolutionary Ideals taken to the next level lol

  30. As an American that lives in the south that has failed art class I find this music perfect for my future dictatorship

  31. "To be or not to be. That is the question."
    -Napolean Bonaparte

  32. Te bochan de la escuela de arte
    Las chicas:😢😢
    Los chicos: invaden Polonia escuchando esta playlist 😂

  33. I was sitting on my island, after exile, but thanks to this music I fought two chasing battleships around my island of St. Helena, and did a coup. Now I'm the Emperor of France

    Get ready to get a revanche, Great Britain. Shame on you 😈😈😈😈

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