Classical Chess, Instructional Chess game 6

In this video I played a 15 minute with a 10 second increment game on Then analysed the game afterwards to see where both me and my opponent went wrong at key points in the game. I plan on doing many regular chess videos as I want to improve my chess playing to become a stronger and stronger player. Like, Comment and Subscribe.


  1. Yeah, I saw the Qa8 idea. You want to try to get your queen on the eighth rank so that you can swing her over and attack the black king.

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  3. You're a little too hesitant when making obvious moves. You don't need to second guess yourself so much! You're a good player, just learn how to manage your time a little better. Your 8. Be2 took you almost 2 minutes! (Bd3 may have been better btw.)

  4. 12:19
    I think Qb3 might have been the way to go here. Your 13. a4 allowed your opponent to give you an isolated b pawn.

  5. 26:26 I think 22…Qa3 might have been a very strong move for black here. At that point, I think you would be positionally lost.

  6. I don't think exchanging off both rooks at move 26 was the best idea. When you have a very strong knight in the enemy's position, you don't really want to trade pieces, because it means that not only is it more likely you will have to move the knight to use it somewhere else in the game, but it is also much easier for the opponent to avoid knight forks and things like that.

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