Classical Chess Games: The Two Bishop Sacrifice

Signup for FREE online play at ! IM David Pruess brings us one of his favorite chess classics! Watch and enjoy this instant replay of the second world chess champion, Emmanuel Lasker, take apart his opponent by inventing the two bishop sacrifice.


  1. high vibration go on, to the sun oh let my heart… DREAMIIIIN

  2. very nice game never saw this one before!

  3. @MrHamorabi you're welcome; glad you liked it! 🙂

  4. Poor explanation, white seems ahead, however is not assured a victory.

  5. @Zergrushing at what point is white not assured a victory?

  6. @wwwChesscom White does not have checkmate, from what I have read thats how you win in chess. From what I can see, white will have a positional and a material advantage, but will not have a definate checkmate, allowing black a chance. Its somewhat bothersome that in a video that you are explaining a particular style, the viewer is forced to analyze all the positions you have shown to understand your point.

  7. @Zergrushing chess is a very complex game with many facets. the goal of this video was to explain some ideas about building an attack against your opponent's castled king, and the two bishop sacrifice. to explain how to win with an extra queen is the subject for a different video, which i can do if you are interested. btw very few chess games end in checkmate: players will usually resign when they are behind significant material, as in the final position of this game.

  8. @strong8action it was a big miss on black's part!

  9. the fact that you think any system gives a "sure win" pretty much implies you are saying anyone who's ever studied and theorized on chess was wasting their time. I Guess Fischer, Reti, Lopez, they were all morons cause they didn't use your "sure win system". Btw, what's YOUR sure win system?

  10. @duffmasterofpuppets I don't see why resigning means decency and honor. I think anyone should play until the end and hope for a chance. I was playing my brother earlier today and I had a great advantage in material and my pieces were placed much better. At that point, a professional probably would have resigned, but he ended up coming back and winning.

  11. Bad white opening… Kasparov would've killed Lasker for that dubious idea!

  12. I rather resign than being embarrassed because of checkmate. Because if you got checkmate, the news will look like for example "KASPAROV LOST!" instead of something. I read wikipedia. Plus, it annoys people if you're not resign. >.>

  13. It waste people's time if you not resign.

  14. @2:20 if black had tried to make an escape for the king, what would happen in white lifted his rook to try to make a skewer on g3????

  15. That's nonsens lol. You know nothing.

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