Classical Chess Games: Geller-Euwe 1953!

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In this classic battle between two chess heavy-weights, white launches a seemingly crushing kingside attack in the Nimzo-Indian opening, however, black’s well-timed defensive shots serve him well. Enjoy IM Daniel Rensch’s personal description of what this game means to him…


  1. I also thought Bronstein's comment on the game was spot on when he said, paraphrasing, that Euwe, who defended dozens of games against one the greatest attacking players of all time, Alehkine, had nothing to fear from Geller.

  2. To anyone who wants to improve his middlegame, Bronstein wrote a great book about this tournament in Zürich 1953, it is one of my best chess books

  3. hey man, there is an option, you can put the whole annotation as a link
    so it would be 'CLICK HERE'
    not in the description

  4. @ TheRightNeutrino — Yes, I am real 😉

    @gorantrevise — YES!!! I forgot to mention that book. Great book by Bronstein!!!

    Thanks to all for watching!

  5. @gorantrevise what book would that be? I would liek to get some chess books.

  6. @Madderhatter85 hi, it depends on your current level of play which chess books are suitable. It is said that Tarrasch's books are highly instructiv (f.e. the game of chess). i don't own a single and this fact broke down my development for years i guess. When i was young i "trained" with mephisto computers 🙂

  7. @lejo82 did you watch the video ? if the queen moves say qd3 rxb wins a minor piece and virtually the game right there

  8. that game right there is one example of why chess is so wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Very cool, i just seriously got into chess recently and the newby feeling is pretty cool, i can't wait till i get fairly good at least!

  10. I just looked yesterday to Bronstein's commentary on this game. He thought that Euwe starts the whole plan with b6. This was the point when he abandoned normal defence play (for good reason). Did the Ex Champ already saw Rh8!! ?

  11. Could you please name some notable french and QGD stemgames?

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