Classical chess game #3 on Lichess – Against a cheater… AGAIN! (Live on Twitch 09.20.2017)

15 0 game on Lichess (streamed on Twitch on September 20 2017)
Benoni Defense (Even though I was shooting for a Benko…)

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*Update*: My opponent was banned for cheating… for the second game in a row!


  1. I was literally yelling at my screen for 19…Nh5, and it was never considered. But then to be fair, I'm not live streaming and commentating 🙂

  2. 14. … h6 and better (pawn up). Got to know when a pawn needs to be pushed now. I once played a Benko vs Roman Dzinzidashvili. Down a pawn on move 7. You say – What's wrong with that? I was playing white.

    Also, 10. … e5 is better timing. If 11. de6 Be6 or fe6 are about same. Small edge for black either way. Finally, after 6. Bb2, I prefer (and have played) 6… d5. But 6… d6 is fine.

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