Classic Chess game: Paul Morphy vs Schrufer : Paris (1859) · Italian Game: Scotch Gambit

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  1. Yes but in that era people played much longer games.

  2. What rating do you think Paul Morphy would have today?

  3. I play a guy who's all out attack. I usually beat him because he's just so crazy. However, my games are slightly boring. What can I do against really aggressive opponents that isn't just defend?

  4. Thinks "D7 could be okay" KC "Only a robot would think of this move" TFW I'm a robot.

  5. If this Morphy was born let's say in 1995,right now he would be world champion.But This morphy of 19th century would be nothing against today players ,even a NM would be enough to defeat him because of theory advance

  6. really fun game this one. did computers ruin chess?

  7. Adolph Anderson…who played ..and both Steintz and Morpthy..thought Morphy would have beaten Steinz….many people believe that the fist time a player would have beaten Morphy was Emanuel Lasker…anyway…Steintz of course was the first modern world champion and played very strategic chess….He also made the point that Morphy could play a strategic game of chess when necessary… My guess is that Morphy ..if he played today would be one of the best players in the world…given enough time to study openings and get acquainted with todays style.

  8. I found the mating tactic immediately, not because I'm good, but because Paul had checkmated another opponent (giving him Knight odds) THE SAME EXACT WAY but on the kingside!

    How brilliant is that?

  9. I think its unfair to say Morphy would get crushed today even if somehow the chess world could transport, transpose. I just prefer to say He was a master of his era

  10. Morphy the best⭐👍💪💪💪😘😘❤

  11. Very brilliant Paul Morphy. What a beautiful era of romantic chess

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