Chess960: Fischer Random Chess Explained | Magnus Carlsen and Lex Fridman

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Magnus Carlsen is the highest-rated chess player in history and widely considered to be the greatest chess player of all time.

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  1. There are some positions in fischer random where white has a 60+% winrate and some where white has a 44% winrate. This stops it from being competitive, period

  2. Chess960 should defienetly be promoted more, i dont know what fide is thinking. All the top players love it

  3. We should play more chess 960, as well as all the time controls in standard chess

  4. Bobby Fischer's contribution of Random Chess is absolutely brilliant, and life saving for this beautiful game, which is being threatened by book moves and bloody computers. More thinking, more original ideas, more actual chess decisions .. less memorization and fewer recommended engine lines… can only be a good thing.

  5. I've been playing 960 and I love it. It's much more interesting.

  6. I like to think all the pawns are mixed up as well

  7. I love the idea of Fischer Random. Taking a lot of opening prep out of the game means players have to make their own moves much earlier, and I think the more pieces are on the board, the trickier it is to find the best moves (because more pieces usually make more complicated positions), more room for error, and more room for small differences in skill to turn into decisive advantages.

  8. Fischer random shouldbbe the future of long time format

  9. 6:58 – Qf7 takes own Knight is not checkmate as Black's King can also take its own piece to escape.

  10. Did they ever arrest chest player who broke the players fingers

  11. Not gonna lie I hate pawns but I think I haven’t had enough fun yet to enjoy pawns

  12. How about 5D Chess with Multiverse and Time Travel?

  13. Wesley So breaks Magnus on this games.
    It gives variety, I wonder why this games doesn't get too much attention

  14. Fischer Random is the next evolution of Chess. I think it will propel the game forward. Chess at a high level is important but the only place for chess to go after that point is Fischer Random. Take away the theory and leave the Man.

  15. The best way to improve chess is to simply allow the Queen to truly be all powerful and letting it also move like a knight.

  16. I love a good game of 960, but it can take a while to get paired for a game. It should be more popular, it's actually a better if you enjoy calculation and novelty. There should be a no mirroring rule though, maybe you can't mirror more than 5 moves.

  17. Gotta love how Magnus pulled a Bobby Fischer and turned off the cameras when Lex was busy!

  18. I really love 960 chess. Is so creative and hard. No memomy lines, just chess

  19. It will never cease to amaze me that humanity was able to create what is essentially the perfect boardgame 1000 years ago. I know some things have changed in that time but the basic game, the locations of the pieces hasn't.

    Think of all the money spent developing new games in the modern age and not one of them has ever come close to matching chess, in 1000 years no one will be playing Monopoly or Call of Duty but they will still be playing chess.

  20. I don't even play the game and what Fischer said makes 100% sense to me. The memorization has destroyed creativity. If you randomize the back row pieces, the creativity is forced to return.

  21. Love Fischer Random, but if you want too level play Niemann Certain Chess lol 😂😂😂 Engines rev with that one… I assume of course

  22. Thirty years from now folks will still be complaining that "the camera on Magnus died" — this is history and the room for camera error in 2022 is inexcusable — camera works just fine when interviewing guests who claim they have seen USP's, ghosts, goblins and little green men – but certainly one of the most significant and advanced humans of our time – Magnus Carlsen — the camera on him dies during what could have been the record of a historic interview — all that education and knowledge and yet still camera problems — humans being all too human lol

  23. why are parts of the video just images of each of them instead of videos of them lol. it makes it less engaging

  24. Even Fischer random will be solved eventually, it’s just going to take a lot more time. Every possible position will be given a name and people will plug those positions into chess engines and develop separate theory for every possible starting position

  25. why do youtube subtitles suck soooooo bad?!!!

  26. this is why miniature skirmish wargames are more interesting than chess to me, the variability of the initial setup, as well as varied victory conditions makes for an infinitely more interesting strategic and tactical experience.

  27. They say endgame teaches you the chess
    Well chess960 really feels like you're already at the endgame

  28. As I am still learning chess and enjoying it, I cannot claim to enjoy this setup. I can’t even watch the current tournament.

  29. How can the average person care about "960" or such? We do not spend our lives playing chess so this is a discouragement.

  30. The only way to save chess is to use the rule that every time you take a piece, you have to drink a shot. Now THAT would make for some interesting games.

  31. i would recommend not removing the video element of the clip.

  32. fischer random is cool but for casual games it seems a bit obnoxious since it requires more preparation to set up

  33. the main issue with chess is that the more the theory advances the more the early game will be "solved". This creates a rapidly rising skill floor for any upcoming talent. Basically, if you wanna have any shot in competition you need to KNOW your first 6-7 moves perfectly which is VERY hard to do given how many different combinations there are.

    Chess960 keeps the advantage of knowing theory, but makes less of a requirement since the early game will be randomized such that memorizing openings is futile.

  34. "I don't like memorizing things so I createa a game likechess, but niw you havr to memorize 960 times more

  35. I'm pretty sure FIscher would be really upset knowing Fischer Random got recognized but without the proper time control which make the whole idea pointless. The game forces you to come up with creative ideas and its kinda hard to get it with very short time control.

  36. They could also do more like e.g. create a 2 headed pawn that can take pieces either 1 or 2 diagonal squares away. And place it randomly in the front row. This would create exponentially more random openings

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