Chess Players Now vs Chess Players Then


  1. Me when Norwegian and Japanese-American online: 😒😒
    Me when Nazi in black and white: 😍😍

  2. Bro named his channel from Magnus Carlsen and call him from the worst generation

  3. King Baldwin IV is one of the greatest chess player than great chess player

  4. Why people think that every old thing is better than new?

  5. Karpov: "One day, Polugaevsky and I were sitting in my hotel room, wearing nothing but underwear, playing a card game we invented…" (this is not made up, it's an actual quote from his autobiography)

  6. Шахматисты времён Холодной войны


  8. I was afraid they were going to show the clip of Fischer saying "women belong in the kitchen"

  9. My man just called magnus carlsen , arguably the greatest of all time a pretty average and desecrated. That's some sort of idiocy.

  10. They're all great, but as he said, he'll smoke them'all
    – Hikaru


  12. Chess used to be a political game especially in the Cold War but now it’s just fun

  13. Chess was a game for cool smart people, now it's a game for lame nerdy people.

  14. Why would you show the blunders of the players now and good moves of the players back then?

  15. No elo , No bullshit, No AI , No Computer game

    Just pure talent 🗿

  16. The worst thing that happened to chess was that politics were brought into it

  17. chess players than: booby fischer wants to play in a table tennis room and spassky loses because of flys kn his chair

  18. Chess players played for their country and possibly their lives back then. When every move mattered. Losing meant winning, winning meant losing or provoking. Even winning or losing a certain way would speak volumes about you and "your people" true or not. Now it's casual and because it's casual you can play easily and not worry about casualties creating some of the most creative and free thinking players. But not every move is made with life and death on the mind. Can these free thinkers still think freely under the high stress grandmasters from days past have? Maybe, maybe not. Hopefully we never have to find out and chess stays a casual fun game and not a battle of wits because in reality, anyone can move pieces on a board. It's just not everyone can do it well and doing it well looks a little funny sometimes if you don't know what you're looking at.

  19. A true king leads his army from the front

  20. I just got 1 question, what the heck was their moves? 💀☠️

  21. Стоп там по русски коечто написано

  22. The picture of tal and Fischer play a game in hospital is to cold 🥶❄️

  23. My all-time chess fav:- Mikhail tal,vishay anand, Bobby Fischer

  24. That Mikhail Tal double pawn push against fischer with that grin remains one of the finest moment of the chess history.

  25. i think bobby fishcher raised war on the USSR using chess😂

  26. My everytime favs are and will be Sir Garry Kasparov and Sir Bobby Fischer.

  27. Chess players then: fights for their nation's supremacy and used as political tool

    Chess players now: Kings' diplomacy on e-file is necessary

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