chess players are rich

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  1. “Uhm aktually not paying taxes is a crime” – 🤓🤓🤓

  2. Classic play of “the freedom gambit” 😂

  3. Levy is the 1% of the chess world. He can't relate to the poverty of the peasant chess players

  4. Lud tryna include Levy in his tax evasion scheme…

  5. If you're a scumbag you don't let the government rob you. Idiot.

  6. your whole taxas will ended up in Ukraine anyways lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Anddddd he sacrificesssss….HIS RESPECT FOR THE IRS!!!!

  8. Those two gonna make moves such as
    Tax Evasion Gambit : Please don’t do this move because it’s a high risk opening that IRS can get you blundered with your rights.
    But in return if successful , checkmate with good cash.

  9. And he avoids the taxes omg a brilliant move by Gotham chess i can't believe thes

  10. Bro’s about to get checkmated by taxes

  11. Ludvig playing Prison Defence, Closed variation💀

  12. idk how it works in America, but don't the employers report how much they're paying you? So the irs would already know what you earn, right?

  13. Hi Gotham chess, can you lend me a thousand dollars?

  14. Levy, man you need to pick better friends man you don't even want to think about messing with the IRS 😂

  15. GothamChess: Six Figures

    The Subtitles:mmmm pretty sure that's 100k

  16. Yea "you do t gwt shit from us" 😂😂😂

  17. Imagine teaching chess then a random 5 year old comes up and tells how you missed mate in 7💀

  18. i think i'm quite good at chess, who wants to learn to be good at chess, 20 an hour reply and give your email if you want to learn

  19. then over here I’ve been teaching some second graders and I earn 100 dollars a student per class- where’s my six figures (I’m not in NY)

  20. Bro got his freedom pinned to the king

  21. i agree. levy teaches chess and he's not even good at chess

  22. Somehow I don’t believe this though. Can anyone confirm this is true?
    My ELO is 1700 (bad compared to real players, but I can teach U1000s well!)
    Can a chess teacher in New York actually make 100k a year?

  23. This literally proves the point that higher taxes means less revenue for the government in the end lol

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