Chess Pieces be like:

chess be like

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  1. Fun fact: the rook is supposed to be a Persian chariot.

    No, seriously, Google it.

  2. The bishop is the most relatable theya re the most unnoticable

  3. Pawn he slowly progresses towards the enemy king side and when he he reaches the end he becomes a typical guy with no father figure

  4. In french the knight is actually "le cavalier" and not "le chevalier" which means "the knight"

  5. Imagine :
    Queen vs bishop+knight+rook

  6. The Pawn: You can be anything you want IF you grow up, except the King, we already got one, also you can't be yourself, that's gross

  7. I believe the king is the weak shounen protagonist at the start of the series, fated to defeat the devourer of the universe, but he must amass power by fighting till near death and obtaining victory by plot armour. Right now, he is just a fat, slow, pleb, who cant move more than 2 squares at once.

    The king is only weak now, but maybe later in the chess update he will get buffed.


  9. The queen is the 100 level hacker who lost purposely to to go a lower level and destroy everyone

  10. In Bulgarian we call the rook artillery and I think they deserve this name

  11. In Serbian bishop is hunter, rock is cannon, knight is horse or jumper

  12. Jiecin's Countryballs: The Funimated Series says:

    Chess tutorial in Ohio be like:

  13. John 3:16 – So god loved the world that he gave his only son

  14. The Queen is the real OP. And its easy to checkmate with them. THE ROOK Gotham Style baby

  15. When someone sacrifice it’s queen you already know that you’re losing

    But if someone sacrifice it’s rook you’re losing the hardest possible way and they might even troll you.

  16. In case anyone’s curious John 3:16 is “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
    You probably don’t need to know this but now you do. Also the bishop has you in his sights now. Run.

  17. Fun fact, the rook is named after rookeries. These would be often tall towers used to house birds, especially messenger birds. Mostly it would be using corvids.

    Also if I was to put the knight in game terms it's that one guy with a knife or sword or similar who can evade all your shots somehow and stabs you in the face.

  18. the queen: InterContinental Ballistic Missile

  19. wheres the legendary pawns who are the only pieces that can disappear and appear behind another pawn and kill it in a legendary move called En Passant

  20. Pawn: the noob on your team that goes off at the end out of nowhere

  21. Bishop users can be seriously dangerous at times. On of my favourite openings is to get the pawns guarding the rooks to move and snipe them from across the board with a bishop I forgot about

  22. Bishops and knights have the goofiest Name in german. They are just called runners and jumpers. Oh yeah and the pawns are Farmers/peasants

  23. Rooks are nothing compared to the op bongcloud

  24. I remember back then my friend told me
    Queen can do L move too

  25. In Greek, Bishop in named enforcer, knight is names horse and rook is named tower

  26. The Pawn: the most unfairly treated, yet having dedication to walk its way to the opposite side and becoming promoted as queen.

  27. in the netherlands we call:
    rook –> tower
    knight–> horste
    bishop –> walker (no idea why)
    and the rest is the same

  28. "Good luck trying to mate with them"
    Ayo wtf are you trying to do to your bishop🧐📸

  29. In Mongolian
    the knight is called horse
    The rook is called cart
    The bishop is called camel

  30. Actually that would mean knights take all the Ls

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