Chess Openings Uncovered Ep 3 – King’s Indian Classical Main Line

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  1. Love these lines, as i been playing straight garbage from the white side

  2. In the 9. Kn d2 line shouldn't be b3 played before a3, as a4 from black kills b4?

  3. great video, i would really like it if you continued the kings indian series. Great work :]

  4. @chessexplained youve made a repertorie in response of white playing e4. you have made a repertorie for white with d4. you should make a rep with responses against c4 and d4 from white revolving around kings indian set ups

  5. @Andersenmast I think he should finish the e4-e5 repertoire first ๐Ÿ™

    Thanks a lot for this video, though!!1

  6. I'm not a master player but quite strong and I have had successes attacking on the kings side. In essence Blacks piece setup on the king side is no more favourable than whites. In fact whites Bishops can be more favourably placed. Is there a very good reason why this is bad , or is it that traditionally Black and white choose to operate on different flanks? After watching this i may have to change my approach and your ideas have certainly helped thanks.

  7. Thanks for this!

    I have the most problems to find a good line against the Fianchetto Variation and early Bg5 even if the books say, that they are not the most challenging, I just don't like the positions ๐Ÿ™ (But I love the main line^^)

  8. At 10:12 there's also a fascinating option for white to play g4 (13.g4) as in Ponomariov-Nakamura 2011. it is breaking the rule that white is supposed to play on the queenside, but it can block the kingside effectively, because white is in a better position to use the open h file. Also this justifies the bishop on f2. The game gets crazy, but king attack options are somehow limited. Also it has a surprise value. Naka was the chapion of KID and Ponomariov crushed him easily in this variation

  9. For lower rated KID players 13.g4 is very challenging, because it makes their standard attack physically impossible.

  10. Very comprehensive overview of the King's Indian. Why do you not play it anymore?

  11. I do play it sometimes, but not vs. very strong opposition. I find it hard to keep up with all the good lines white can play. Against all you really need to know what you're doing, as Black is worse long time if you don't get concrete counterplay.

  12. often this is necessary, yes. For example after 9…a5 10.a3 Bd7 white often plays 11.b3 to stop …a4. this should be in the video as well.

  13. Against the Fianchetto consider the Grunfeld or something like 1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 g6 3 Nf3 Bg7 4 g3 c5. If white goes 5 d5 you have …b5 6 cxb5 Qa5+. If white just plays 5.Bg2 you have Qa5+ or taking on d4, both interesting lines.

  14. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think I will use this line but with a6 instead of Qa5+ after cxb5. My brother plays the Wolga Gambit, so he can teach it to me^^

    I have another question ๐Ÿ™‚
    How do you store your Opening Repertoire, do you write it down on paper, or save it on the pc or something like that?
    I really need a good way to "organize" this because otherwise I forget most of the lines very fast and have no good method to fresh it up.

  15. I save lines on the database, yes. With proper backups that's the safest way.

  16. Thx For The Free Chess Lessons ChessExplained!!!

  17. why haven't you recommended this line for white in 1d4 repertuare?

  18. Request for you to cover the Samisch variation of the kings indian! A variation which really packs some punch if black isnt careful as he gets blown off the board on the kingside.

  19. Thx. I regularly play KID as black. Here, Saemich is the most popular.

    I need to watch it again.

  20. sir is there any videos aganist 4 pawns attack,?

  21. How should Black respond to the solid move: 5. Be2 ?

  22. Very nice video, I was wondering why you did not continue this series?

  23. Take a look at Dereque Kelley's video on the King's Indian Defence – he focuses on the 4 pawns attack and gives two great lines for black to choose from.

  24. if this is a opening for black why dont u turn board to see peaces from black perspective? is it easier to play than?

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