Chess Openings: How to Play the Sheveningen & Classical Sicilians!

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IM Rensch nears the conclusion of this mini-video series designed to bring you all the main line variations of the Sicilian Defense. Enjoy this video on two of the more “old school” ways to play the sharp Sicilian Defense.


  1. The main line of classical is 7. Qd2 Be7 8. 0-0-0 0-0 9.f4

  2. Sheve-nin-gen sounds a bit awkwardly articulated. Shouldn't it be more like She-veningen?

  3. I'm a middle schooler. I don't think these openings will help me much….. Of course, I DO have friends whose ratings are well above 1000( last time I checked, Mine was around 700)

  4. @jshnaidz245 lol. Sorry, but I'm not ThAT advanced. The people I play don't really use openings. However, openings like the dragons scisillan(I totally spelled that wrong! XD) and the Evans gambit are my favorites and I LOVE o do those whenever I can. Black is my favorite color to be in chess, but I have an opening for both cases. Thanks though! 😀

  5. @jshnaidz245 I see ur point. I DO think out my moves a lot, and I have some recorded matches from a regionals I went to a few years ago and some more recent if u wanna see. Granted, these games are between when I was in 3rd grade, to 5th grade, but I think that it would show that… I was better at chess back then, and I'm starting to get better again.

  6. Awesome… brain in Sicilian just expanded like a good queen side attack…. : ) thanks

  7. Sicilian defense kid….another variation to add to my favorite opening

  8. Thanks for this vids, Danny and David! I love your pawn structure series on, but have still felt overwhelmed by the multitude of openings, and lately I've been wishing for some very basic, very broad view of the most popular openings. These videos fit the bill perfectly! I love that each video is a quick rundown of one or two variations and that's it. They're great overviews that are springboards for people to go learn more. Great work guys!!

    VanillaBean on

  9. Only thing that gets me confused all the time is, what if they do something completely different than what you have shown? I always go like ehm… i don't know with every piece i place. But i am seeing some improvement 🙂

  10. I love this entire series. I've watched several of these openings videos. Rock and roll, buttercup. lol

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