Chess Masterclass: 5 Step Thinking Strategy | Best Tips, Tactics, Moves & Ideas for Beginners

Here’s a Masterclass on Chess Thinking. In this video, I will share with you a 5 step thinking strategy to improve your chess game. We cover problems with different tactics, ideas & moves helpful for beginners, kids & intermediate level players. These secret chess tips will help you get better at chess & improve your game very fast. These lessons will help you in understanding how to play chess & how to think in chess, which will ultimately teach you how to win in chess games. This will help you in training for middlegames & master chess calculations. Chess players will learn the best ways to find good moves quickly through the SWOT Analysis approach. We will evaluate your moves depending on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats of white & black in different games. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

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  1. Bishop g2, this move will secure the rook and queen by adding an extra layer of defense for both, this move also move the bishop out of the corner, opening it up to more possible movea

  2. The correct answer to the puzzle is bishop to g5

  3. First you should play pawn f4 then after they probably will eat it or do something else then you play King f2 they will take out your Bishop then you take the Bishop and they will take the rook then you check with queen c7 then you will take out the rook and force the opponent to move the bishop after they do you will win a pawn 😂😂😂 that's what I think you should do😂

  4. the right move will be bd2 bcoz if king move backward or forward he will be checkmated by q

  5. Me focus on this
    In game:making some random move and useless and accidentally get checkmated

  6. Why not make and sell chessboard blanket? Use bean bags as chess pieces. Play with friends and family before sleep.

  7. I was thinking pawn c5 but maybe I’m dumb

  8. bishop takes bishop on c3 and after queen captures, we have queen to d6 then queen d8 mate

    edit: if queen doesnt capture and plays queen a6, we trade queens and then bishop takes pawn on e5 forks both his rooks

  9. Noob question: Why not Bc4 in the first puzzle? What's wrong with that move?

  10. Just saying .
    Chess is a game where you make a move but the brilliance lies not in making moves but understanding how will opponent respond to you're move and then how respond to that response .

  11. Indian guy on youtube here to save me, take my like and subscribe!

  12. We will move C4 pawn to forward as enemies quin will take it and my queen will take his queen

  13. c4 pawn to c5
    black moves
    queen to d6 for check with a split attack on the rook to take that and pressure on the bishop

  14. Today puzzle qxd6, kingxd6, bishopxc3, check from white d1rook, king move and black queen lose

  15. For the puzzle, move bishop from d2 to g5 it is a safe place to put and it will pressure the opponent's king

  16. Thanks for helping me out, I've been losing a lot of games lately and I keep blundering my pieces.

  17. Queen d6 threatening check and rook, king should take. After that bishop takes bishop c3 threatning check and bishop takes queen. And you are up a bishop.

  18. The challange puzzle answer: basically first you open the king by playing pawn f4 . They probably will take it. After you take the Bishop and they take with queen giving check . Then you move the king to safety that you opened up. Now if black don't play Queen back to a5, it's mate in 2! Let's say they move the queen back and somehow see the danger. Then you hit them with queen to d6 check. They will move the king to safety. Then you hit them withwhite squared Bishop to h3. If they take, it's mate in 2 , if they don't you play Bishop to d7 check and they must take with Bishop and boom checkmate the Bishop and boom checkmate

  19. Dude you look and sound and play just like my dad

    Is this where you went?

  20. I’d say the right play for the puzzle would be a queen for a queen B5

  21. So The answer for the Puzzle is white bishop takes on c3 and then the black queen takes on the c3 bishop Then We give a check c7 with the queen he blocks with the bishop and then we capture the rook

  22. I've always played chess for a while but your explanations of beginner-intermediate strategies and tactics is phenomenal.

    Keep up the good work!

  23. Shoutout to all the Indian YouTubers who teach us in 10 minutes what it would take years to learn normally

  24. Bc3
    Case 1: if queen takes and check defended it with rook d2 next what ever move black play qd6 check only 1 square left ke8 qd8 mate

  25. If I'm the white player, to move the queen to the side of the topmost black Knight.


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