Chess is no longer a boring game #chess #magnus #carlsen

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  1. Ppl in the background: 💃
    Magnus: 🗿

  2. Top 3 Goat of chess

    Drunken magnus
    Blindfolded magnus

  3. Cuando las mujeres no te afectan se activa el ultrainstinto

  4. У них там на четверых рейтинг близок к 9000 😅

  5. I swear if the classical format became this exciting, people would watch it, Magnus might even enjoy it

  6. Сидит будто лучший игрок мира

  7. Bro wants to promote his 3rd queen 💀

  8. Chat de time to sikis yaziyo JSKWKWLWKWK

  9. If you notice below half of screen having some chess 😂

  10. It’s good to see the Botez twins know they’re real appeal. 😜🎤⬇️

  11. Straight up boutta listen to cotton eye joe cuz of this

  12. He aint even doing this to some random dude he is playing a GM 😭😭😭

  13. Nothing else than a homie who live his life while you're watching him

  14. Title: chess is not a boring game anymore
    Me: was it boring?

  15. Bro is soo good in chess that he literally keeps botez sisters as his personal dancers 🗿🗿

  16. Why he couldnt capture the bishop before

  17. What is Magnus doing while not playing the championship match?
    casually mentoring the current wc while having fun..

  18. O sırada chattaki beyrampaşa time to si…

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