Chess Grandmasters vs. Cheaters

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  1. This is a game I played it's logged in my game archive I won that game you guys play on accounts that don't affect you rank so your not put on front street about me kicking your ass

  2. I wish i could just catch an opponent using stockfish just so i can say "I smell something fishy here"

  3. I saw a way out.
    King to B7, white will hunt king.
    King to A1 or A2, white will continue to hunt, but Rook comes to block, if A2, forcing white to Q to D4 taking pawn, Bishop to take Queen.

    From there, advantage black.

  4. why the heck everyone tries to promote that frank guy? So lame

  5. In hikarus first game when he started to gain a losing position he literally had a free rook. Now i know im a rookie at chess but what reason could there be for not taking an unprotected rook with the queen?

  6. Now im thinking that magnus must be the real top engine

  7. Hikaru played someone and quickly said ohhhhh he's cheating. It amazing how they can tell.

  8. Why would you cheat in chess Doesn't that take away from your own victory You might as well watch other players play chess Because it's a bod doing everything for you

  9. I am a lowly 700 rating… had an opponent pull a 95% accuracy game the other day. I wonder…

  10. You look like that guy from Breaking Bad.

  11. So. Cringe. Idk why you‘d ever cheat like that. What’s even the point?!

  12. wait, I’m confused, what makes a cheater a cheater

  13. cheaters dont ruin chess…. they make it better

  14. well technically they are the worst coz its not them playing but bots so they can't be the best while they are not playing

  15. Using an anime image for the cheater is so spot on. In every online game, and anime girl profile poc means 30% higher chance they're a cheater.

  16. What's the point of cheating though? You are just fooling yourself. It's stupid.

  17. Magnus in 2069 be like: “I’ve beat too many cheaters, let me remove my queen.” (Wins)

  18. Imagine Magnus was cheating the whole time lol

  19. If a magnus plays like 30 moves with 100% accuracy we are like wow
    But when any other guy plays we call him cheater.
    An I understanding this right?

  20. I’m always like THEY’VE GOTTA BE F**KIN’ CHEATING. And then I see the exact same moves at 2300 elo and I’m like THEYRE DEFINITELY F**KING CHEATING! 😂😂

    I’ve lived both Hikaru games at 1100 elo. They were openings I was studying and then villains just start playing lights out. Sends me up a wall

  21. Do cheaters play their own moves in the beginning, so that their opponents can play there openings, while the cheater has a lot more time on the clock to cheat towards the end?

  22. He respect chess rule so i don’t get how he is cheating

  23. Why are they called cheaters
    They aren’t cheating,are they

  24. Can anyone explain why it's cheating?, I see it's fine game, explain what is difference between cheating game and simple game..can explain with simple example thanks in advance 😊

  25. Who cheats in chess should be the fun at the parties lvl 100(max.)

  26. You can beat level 2900 rating AI by many undos😂

  27. It is so easy to cheat you don't need a special program or anything all you need is to open another window on your pc with a chess board from the website that you are using or any website that offers to play chess then play against pc and put the pc on hardest level and play the moves that your real online opponent that is human plays and the pc will play the best possible move corresponding to the move of your online opponent.Easy peasy

  28. If he’s not trained gm why does it say gm
    And how do u rename them

  29. Is 94% accuracy too much for a 259 elo player?
    I just got that a few days ago.

  30. I think everyone sees ya'll grandmasters, and an engine is the best way to see yall struggle. Double checking if Magnus is human 😅 confirmed cyborg.

  31. I dont see any solid proof of cheating though.
    I was playing a golf game called golf clash before they added stuff that made it suck.
    Anyway i got really good at it and got first place for 1 season. During a match i hit a difficult albatross, it triggered the game to check if was cheating. I went on the win first that season. Or my opponent tried reporting i dont know for sure.

  32. lol what happend when you incoulde a match from hans.

  33. What if you play fair but your moves sometimes similar with the best move of the bot?

  34. Imagine dedicating the entirety of your life from age 4 to chess, only to be called "a regular grandmaster"😞

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