Chess girls want only one thing…

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  1. Girls only want one thing and it starts with M and ends with E… MATE

  2. I literally couldn't find out what the M was for a solid 2 minutes. This is my formal apology to everyone.

  3. Alex loves to mate, and Andrea is always banging.

  4. She is not better than me i play chess for 3 months lol

  5. Yes girls need a mate with whom they can mate in multiple ways 😜.

  6. Me: Money
    * sees the channel name *
    Me: Oh Mat-
    Botez: MATE!

  7. I thought the only thing girls really want when the workin' day is done
    is to have have fun. I guess Cindy Lauper was wrong.

  8. something is terribly wrong with me because I thought it's menopause 😭😭😭😭😭.

    send help

  9. I would gladly accept any one to mate, even if she is from the streets

  10. chess girls only want wone thing and it begins with a M………………………… MAGNUS CARLSEN

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