Chess Berserk! Weekly Classical Arena featuring “Radio Tryfon”

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  1. Also, it's a real joy to watch you play and commentate berserk tournaments 🙂 Been watching you for almost 2 years now I think.

  2. 6:30 You kept saying "If castling rook e6." lol you always make simple stuff so complicated. Nxe7+ in both cases, come on KC! And the previous game you could have won the queen instead of the exchange. Do you hate free queens? Nice vid though.

  3. 18:03
    Black is still winning after that move but if Nxf2+ then Rxf2+ and black is lost, so that tactic doesn't work

  4. Funny see you loose it. Radio Tryfon is amazing haha

  5. This was amazing. The game with the tournament leader- brilliant commentary!!!!!

  6. Fact is: everyone wants to see the actual realization of Radio Tryfon hah

  7. Very beautiful and instructive game on 24:49 against "chessblogger – 1997." Congrats, KC.

  8. Mad King Tryfon and his chess nerd subjects. 10/10

  9. Me thinks he's got magic mushrooms in his coffee tonight

  10. What I love the most about whatching Tryfon playing these long tournaments is that you never know when he may suddenly lose sanity and start laughing/shouting like a maniac.

  11. Hi KC. One question. I like that defense you use with Nc6 and e5. What is its name? TY 🙂

  12. Kc trashin the fab then offering a draw when 4 min and a pawn down. Hilarious. Good games.

  13. Radio Tryfon is a Dangerous character, ad very amusing of course the fans love him

  14. I loved that commentary it was incredibly funny, forget radio jan radio TRyfon rules objectively he is even better han radio svider,thanks for a wondrful show. Keep it up

  15. At 18:15, doesn't white resign prematurely? If 23 Qxh3 Nxf2 then 24 Rxf2 is with check, allowing white to escape with the queen?

  16. 1:55:42 for move 26: Rook a4, hitting the queen and rook? why qasnt this considered? or am i missing something.
    Thanks for the video KC!

  17. Those last 2 games were amazing! What a way to round up the tournament!

  18. Destroys opponent….. "laughs in Kingscrusher"

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