Chess Basics #42: The Queen’s gambit declined – Classical lines

Continuing our look at the Queen’s gambit, this video covers the classical defenses starting with 2 … e6, including the Tarrasch and Lasker defenses.


  1. There is a common tactic, a queen trap, that I should have mentioned in this video that arises in the Queen's gambit declined.  I give an example of this tactic in Chess Basics #47:

  2. Hey what's your elo rating if you don't mind my asking

  3. Jim thank you very much for the outstanding work that you do. There are very few people that can teacher in the manner that you do. You've been a great find for me and others. Your hard work and effort is acknowledged and very much appreciated.

  4. Your a great teacher! I was wondering why no one plays 3. bf4? It seems like a good way to get the bishop out before playing e3…?

  5. in the tarrasch, after the d pawn is exchanged off, isn't Nc6 more accurate??

  6. 7:30

    Wouldn't the B4 pawn just be taken by the dark squared bishop?

  7. Hi Jim or other watchers. This video 9'55". What if black plays pawn to G6?

  8. Really instructive! I would be extremely happy if you covered as many openings as possible!

  9. Doesn't focus well but I think I can make it through the free video

  10. This is not a gambit as compared to the Smith Mora gambit played against 1. …c5.

  11. what if opponent plays pawn to c6 right after we play pawn to c4

  12. Thanks Jim. You explain lines and ideas down in a very simple and learnable way! Question, in the Carlsbad var.. is it more accurate for white to delay cxd5 by 1 move, playing Bg5 first to get Be7? Otherwise, Bg5 can be met by c6 and black gets his bishop on f5?

  13. Hi Jim, in the situation like in 1:03 . Why not bringing the white pawn up to C5, blocking the opponent's dark square bischop and allowing a longer diagonal for white light square pawn?

  14. Thank you so much for these video course. They are fantastic! And thank you for setting them up in order! My daughter and I love them!

  15. I hate the queen's gambit. The computer always wins.

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