CHECKMATE – A chess based dance concept #kgf #rocky #kgfchapter2 #tamil #dance

Choreography: @absara_p @chloeks_xx
Visuals: @stories.unboxed
Song: Rocky entry scene BGM | KGF 2
Original team: @ravibasrur @laharimusic @tseries.official @thenameisyash @hombalefilms
Dancers ♟:
@abhysheksachin @akshit47 @arxnii @bathra_dinesh @cristo_uthup @deevanij.x @gajaani27x @gobee14. @kave.than @kavi_2508 @kiruthigaa_ @.losni. @rushana1106 @sahanaxsiva @shaks_bharatham @sruthidance @tishan.a @uathesh._.rawr @vanathixdance


  1. I love this!!! 🔥🔥 A great concept and the execution is * chefs kiss *

  2. I love the concept of classical dance mixing style on chess board performance of actors

  3. This is so perfect, definitely deserves more reach❤

  4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS but the song selection could've been a tad bit better but other than that chefs kiss
    Cool concept and marvellous execution

  5. I came here from insta reels….& i loved it sooo much….Best wishes….🙏☘️

  6. I absolutely love this concept 🤩🤩your expression dance forms background everything is just awesome 🥰❤️❤️

  7. This is so fucking cool. Everything about it. The concept, the cinematography, the colors, the backdrop, and of course the dance. Would love the see the full thing with the intro from the insta reel. I watched that shit on repeat. Tried Shazamming the song too but couldn’t get it.

    The women’s eyes here remind me of the looks the Maori do when performing the haka. So fierce.

  8. Just Wow!! Literally no words

  9. Why is this video so underrated 😭😭

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