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Two of the most reputable chess stores online and otherwise, House of Staunton and Wholesale Chess. I show you here two of their most affordable, yet excellent, chess sets, The Championship Series by House of Staunton and the Classic chess Pieces by Wholesale Chess.


  1. Nice Tournament chess pieces. Use the DGT e-Pieces Timeless Weighted. Which are the real stuff for tournaments. Maybe i buy the expensive World Championship FIDE chess pieces. For my DGT e-Boards. For now i happy with the Timeless Weighted e-Pieces.

  2. I bought a similar set from They call their set International series. Really these sets are called the German Knight set. When I bought a set from I got it for $13 minus the extra Queens. I personally loved the set from chesscafe more than the other two venders you showed. The Rook in their set seems taller & fatter. I personally am fed up with HoS/USCF Sales. I have bought set after set from them & have nothing but quality issue of some kind. Not to mention their prices are too high for the quality you receive. It's like getting a McDonald's cheeseburger for the price a Carl's Jr. cheeseburger. I personally recommend places to shop for sets whether plastic or wood is,,,, and others that give awesome prices with great quality. I call House of Staunton, House of S#*t. Sorry but this is what I get from them time after time. Not to mention that they charge you for replacement piece where their competitors offer free replacement pieces. Something else to think about.   

  3. Hello Saved03,

    I can see how a "taller & fatter" rook would really add to the set, the rooks could use a little umph for sure. $13 is a great price, was it recent? thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. The only difference between the two companies really can only come down to packaging and customer service. For the most part they use the same suppliers from India. The differences are because the wood pieces are hand made. You will see variance even between sets from the same company.  

  5. I need some advice on this, House Of Staunton is a reputable establishment, but as seen in this review, the piece manufacturing is of lower quality as compared to Wholesale Chess, so in this case, would Wholesale Chess be a better choice?

  6. these are not the Classic Pieces but the Championship  Pieces.

  7. I bought this set from HOS in ebonized wood and I like it a lot

  8. German knights – uhhgg. Lardy knights are so much better.

  9. And you are not alone bro. I am an addict. ha

  10. I love heavy glossy wooden chess sets on a black and white checked board. I also love marble sets too {black and white pieces with a marble board}.

  11. I got the championship series from chess and love the set. not sure if its the same but either way I appreciate the videos.

  12. Why the chess unboxing are too relaxing for me?

  13. 8:00 D00de you understand me, i Also have a wood chess and i Also note the diferences and the wrong cuts of the pieces, in my case the black knigth have a chip on his nose, the People told me for months that i m crazy BUT THAR PIECE HAS A DAMAGE IN HIS NOSE

  14. Got mine from chesshouse and see the cut on the knight odd for all white and black knights

  15. At the moent I am trying to design a figurative set! Its not easy. Trying to come up with pieces that are strong but elegant, and that people would want to play with!

  16. It's called being a perfectionist! Very dangerous because you can never win!

  17. Were those Rosewood pieces noticeably kind of expensive? I'm kind of a guitar person so the recent, now lifted, CITES embargo really interfered with the availability of rosewood. It's a nice choice for a set. 😆 I wonder if you can get the light ones in flame maple now.

  18. German knight. That's the only one I use because they don't distract me from playing…Sorry, I'm a little weirdo, but when you get used to a set…

  19. J̶᷊︣ǒ̷͖ḩ̸́n̴͓̑ṋ̷̌ỳ̵̦ D̷̠̽e̶̹͡e̸̞͋p̶̫͊ says:

    Great and painstaking review! You have a meticulous eye for detail. And yeah, that knight would bother me too. But the good thing about HOS is that you can usually ask for a free replacement. I had to get 3 knights replaced in a Fischer-Spassky Anniversary set because the torsos were off center on their bases. I really should have gotten 4 but I didn't want to push my luck.

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