Carlsen’s Chess Game An Instant Classic

Magnus Carlsen faced off against Vladimir Fedoseev in the 3rd place match of the 2021 FIDE World Cup. In Game 1, Carlsen played a beautiful exchange sacrifice and in the end defeated Fedoseev in brilliant fashion.

Replay the game:

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  1. Magnus bounce back after a defeat in tiebreaks just show how determined he is and far from being washed up

  2. Well I believe Magnus didn't play with his full prep

  3. Great analysis Sam
    Your calm voice makes this comforting ri watch

  4. Seeing this same variation from the same World Cuo between Shankland and Svidler with h4

  5. You know what Sam? You're pretty good. Everytime I watch you I'm struck by your real enthusiasm, real understanding, and your real ability to make me appreciate the game as it unfolds. I think you're maybe the best one out there.

  6. 13:41 i disagree, i would be really disappointed if the game had finished in such a simple blunder allowing mate, this mate with queen sac is cool but an average experienced player "eats" those kinda of tatics for breakfast, if Fedoseev had missed such a simple idea, the game would lose most of it's value. The way it went was far more beautiful, where the white's mistake is a lot more unclear than a simple tatical shot. The positional squeeze was far more elegant, instructive and beautiful, the position for white basically got to a zug-zwang with 4 pieces on the board. This reminds me of some great games of Karpov

  7. The fact that Danya saw that line blows me away. Like, I know he's an incredibly strong player, but just seeing a brilliant line like that is something I have a difficult time comprehending in a sense.

  8. Ikr this is a masterpiece, Magnus played really well, but for those of you want to see some real Zugzwang you can see Nimzowitch's immortal Zugzwang game. Nothing beats that

  9. Wish this was shown from black’s perspective

  10. People are just crazy. Its not like 2700+ players are pushover and Magnus should win every game.

  11. Excellent game and excellent commentary!

  12. Both duda and karjakin are feeling lucky after seeing this game!!!

  13. Great analysis. However, personally I don't enjoy the foreshadowing through exposition. 'This is bad you will see why later in the game'. Just show us why it's bad straight away, or instead wait with the foreshadowing, would be tips from my end.

  14. Magnus: loses one rapid game.
    People: he's not that strong anymore.

  15. You look like Johnny Sins btw ..cheaper version 🤣

  16. Must have been a very painful game for Fedoseev. He had to just sit there while Magnus had as many free moves as he wanted.

  17. I don't think my 750 elo ass can comprehend what happened

  18. Seeing glorious attacking play is exciting but seeing brutal zugzwang slow death is just violence

  19. After … Qc8, I think White should have played Kd2; and if White had played Qg1 (!) on the previous move, he could have followed up Kd2 with Qa1 and Rc1. And it's really hard to see (for me, at least) how Black can make significant progress after that.

  20. magnus didnt lose a single classical game and actually gained rating points in the world cup. I'd say he done alright. losing to a world class player in playoffs by having an off game is just human. give him a break

  21. Final game was in semifinal – DUDA-CARLSEN

    GO DUDA!

  22. People are dumb. Why would Magnus show ANY of his prep so close to the world championship especially in rapid format. Magnus is going to stomp and reign world champ this year as well

  23. Sam Copeland why you have not shown or explained the chess games between Magnus Carlsen and Jan K Duda at this FIDE world cup?

  24. Cant you switch to a wooden board? 🙂

  25. ty for this, I didn't know where to find brief commentary, this was perfect.

  26. Would have been a good vid, but too many adds, thumbs down

  27. Thank you for producing this wonderful review.

  28. You rumble too much about USELESS COMMENTARY….
    Comment on something that is RELEVANT TO THE MOVE that is going to be made or was made. Don't just talk to make the video long.
    Shorter and to the point videos are better appreciated than long fairy tale videos

  29. do you show the pieces that each player has captured during the game anywhere? It would be really nice to see the material each player has collected during this match. Thanks for a great video!

  30. which is why no one will dethrone the champ for the next 10+ years… fabi came close in 2018, but after missing out on Nc4 (he played g3, which led to the draw, and got swept 3 – 0 in the tiebreaks). if you want to dethrone the champ, you best not miss.

  31. Great commentary. Such a brilliant game, really does why Carlsen is #1

  32. This was culmination of chess evolution from Nimzowitch to symslov to petrosian to karpov to Carlsen

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