Carlsen v. Caruana | A World Chess Championship REMATCH In The Speed Chess Championship! | SCC 2022

It’s time for the Speed Chess Championship quarterfinals! The 2022 SCC features five-time World Champion Magnus Carlsen, four-time SCC winner Hikaru Nakamura and more of the world’s top players. Since Carlsen won the inaugural 2017 edition, Nakamura has claimed the last four!

The field will play for a total prize fund of $100,000 and the world’s most prestigious online speed chess title.

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  1. Imagine Nepo, Ding or anyone else becoming the "World Champion" … 🤭

    Five-time classic World Champion, three-time World Rapid Chess Champion and five-time World Blitz Chess Champion.
    He's been above 2800 (classic) since November 2009 and holds the record as the highest rated player ever at 2882.
    He also holds the record for the longest unbeaten streak at the elite level in classical chess.
    Just to mention some highlights.

    WHOOO will proudly lift the trophy as the "World Champion" in the future?
    Kasparov holds the record as the top1 ranked player for the longest time, but:

    Considering that Carlsen has achieved all the above in modern times when everybody has databases of millions of games at hand with a few clicks on the mouse as well as free available engines capable of beating the top elite GM's …

  2. And idiots were saying Gukesh is overhyped after he lost 23-7, at least Gukesh scored better than Fabiano.

  3. I feel so bad for Fabi here, even as a diehard magnus fan

  4. even though this is 'only' online,this may be magnus greatest result of his career,or at least one of top 5. Because he wasnt facing a bad version of fabi,he was facing an incredible version of fabi,something similar to the one that was world number 2,championship contender. To go 22-4 is ,,,,im not going to use adjectives to sully this performance,no adjectives can do justice to do this

  5. After seeing this I needed to go to the shower to clean my face full of blood, so gore for my taste.

  6. I love how Danny and Danya are trying to say things to keep people watching! My guys, anyone who loves chess did NOT change the channel because it was a blow out. I wouldn’t stop watching Picasso paint because I know it’s going to end with a painting. This was incredible!

  7. thanks to danial who put arrows and helped visual learners like me..

  8. Gukesh managed to score 7 points against this guy. I can see that being the highest in this SCC seeing the form Magnus is in.

    MVL had beaten Magnus 3 years ago, but this year, I see no chance.

  9. i dont really like watching massacres like this, MC was in a different league

  10. There was an adoption thrown in there also – from 3-1 up in the 3 minute section to 7-0 up in the bullet section. Thats 11 straight wins.
    BTW timestamp for the g5 pawn break is 2:33:55

  11. I seriously think arjun will have a great chance against magnus atleast he would have won a single match in every time segment but sad

  12. Bro's out here adopting one of the chess players of all time

  13. this is a great watch but I have to say the analysis board gets really annoying sometimes. Danny wants to explain something to the masses, fine, but why is the analysis board GIANT and the actual live board is tiny and tucked away in the corner? magnus and fabi are hammering out like 5 or 6 moves on a tiny little board in the corner while Danny is moving pieces around on a giant board in the center. Personally I think the live board should always be front and center so we can watch the actual chess as it's being played and if you wanna move some pieces around and explain some concept do it on a smaller board so it doesn't interrupt the broadcast

  14. #2:55:00 Danny had me rolling on the floor on his commentary about that fast pawn🙌😹😹🤣💯…

  15. People who are saying So wouldnt get crushed, he got adopted by magnus 3 days ago

    also hikaru vs magnus scc 2017, magnus crushed

  16. Man, i missed this match and couldnt support the Don :(. I hope he recovers well. Magnus too fast too stronk. Set him for the superfinal next time, he won the cup every time he played in .

  17. I love how Magnus's fact file at the end says "Insights: Strength – Everything" 😂

  18. This tournament for carlsen 3 hours traning session
    Gukesh 1st student
    Fabi 2nd
    One more join shorty

  19. I can't believe how badly Magnus is crushing these super grandmasters in these matches. His level of play right now is just absolutely insane.

  20. Look at fabi at 1.5 Vs 5.5 score.
    He was massacred emotionally

  21. EmpLemon "Art of choke" need this on next update. It was a Meltdown

  22. Guys which platform can I use to place chess bets and make money.. if you know any please recommend. Thanks

  23. The commentary is so awkward and cool, I love it 😂

  24. There is no way someone of Caruana's level could be beaten like this. Caruana is one of the only grandmasters in the world that can play on even terms against Magnus. This is an unbelievable feat even for Magnus. So insane, so absurd. Magnus is truly the GOAT. Can't wait to see that Magnus Hikaru final. The 2 goats of speed chess

  25. Magnus is just tying to end careers here qst gukesh now fabi , this is so brutal . He is definitely the endgame of chess.

  26. Magnus' first match – No Draws
    Magnus' second match – No Losses

    Wesley So/MVL do be lucky

  27. C'mon Magnus, you can afford a decent microphone.

  28. Fabi has a trauma now… Go to the doctor fabi… I think you have a magnuphobia

  29. This highlights how the 2023 world champion title doesn't mean much.

  30. This match did not affect Fabi's performance negatively. He did great. It's that Magnus is incredibly out of this world.

  31. I can't believe how badly Magnus is crushing these super grandmasters in these matches. His level of play right now is just absolutely insane.

  32. Daylam Ian Fernandez de Castro Del Carpio says:

    what a nasty Magnus
    Fabi needs time bro

  33. Damnnn 🔥🔥 magnus, u pscho😘..
    I feel more bad more rensch than fabi😂.. rensch was rooting for fabi throughout the matchup and saw Magnus absolutely crushing him🤣..
    Daniel, u beauty.. poetry in motion ❤️.. they are the best duo 🤙

  34. I just spoke with Fabiano and he said he's okay

  35. Magnus🐐… this is not up for debate

  36. I thought Hikaru's match against David Paravyan was a display of total domination on the chessboard, but this is on another level. However, I think Magnus aims a little higher than making his opponents feel miserably, rather he is showing not only domination but also mastery and perfection on the chessboard. I think Magnus is like Achilles, playing smart but going for the fame in the first place.

  37. If Caruana wins then Magnus will say he cheated and have a rematch.

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