Carlsen v. Caruana | A World Chess Championship REMATCH In The Speed Chess Championship! | SCC 2022

It’s time for the Speed Chess Championship quarterfinals! The 2022 SCC features five-time World Champion Magnus Carlsen, four-time SCC winner Hikaru Nakamura and more of the world’s top players. Since Carlsen won the inaugural 2017 edition, Nakamura has claimed the last four!

The field will play for a total prize fund of $100,000 and the world’s most prestigious online speed chess title.

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  1. To those who watched four hours of brutal, brutal domination – I salute you!

    History was made.

  2. I always wondered what Bobby would do in his prime in online chess vs his peers. He was always so much better than them at blitz even more than in classical. Turns out when Magnus is on his game I don't have to wonder, you get to see this domination today. Something I didn't think was possible as many of these young players grew up playing blitz and even bullet online. Fabi was known for being poor at this type of format but in recent year or two that is not the case. He's a Titled Tuesday winner and only a couple hundred points rated less than the record rating Magnus held. A 22-4 no loss score in hours of speed chess play? Insane.

  3. I feel like every game Danny and danya were like, “this is the game where Fabiano can get that first win and grab some momentum,” and every time magnus would end up taking it in the very end 😂

  4. No disrespect to all the other commentators, you're all great, but Danny is the GOAT. I need more of Danny&Bobby

  5. I love how Magnus's fact file at the end says "Insights: Strength – Everything"

  6. Incredible. Simply incredible performance by Magnus

  7. "If you had to choose is there someone you would want to chess box?" Magnus should have said Hans Nieman that would have sparked things up lol

  8. Rensch is the best. Please bring him back more often. Him and levy but he’s just funnier and better. Goes well with this other guy

  9. Magnus has a new son and his name is Fabi

  10. There once were two GMs named Dan
    Who commented as best as they can.
    When push came to shove,
    They did what they love,
    And handed Magnus the grand slam.

  11. Я люблю такие шахматные позиции. Я никогда не был очень хорош в игре, но это весело.

  12. This is some really bad commentary. Even muted, you jackinapes hijack the board and swap it in for your nonsense. I'm going to punch the next Dan I see in real life.
    I came here to see magnus dominate caruana. Get out of my way.

  13. What has gotten into Carlsen lately? Is he morphing into Stockfish or something? 22-4 against a 2800 level player???… Beadless?????? unbelievable!

  14. It was like… 🦸‍♂vs👨‍🦽👀

  15. I guess Hou Yifan Vs Hikaru doesnt count as a player never winning a game? Why, because she is a woman? 😂

  16. The Zoolander reference was a nice addition


  18. When did Carlsen lose in the SCC? Why does it say is record is 10-1?

  19. MC is not only Magnus Carlsen but its also stands for Main Character. He destroying Super GM like overpowered anime main character. omg

  20. Which game was it that Magnus said he was happy with?

  21. Mangus is doing well! hopefully one day he becomes better than Hans😊

  22. Wow, the most one sided match since Greg Shahade vs Alexandra Botez.

  23. They were saying this was probably his best online performances ever literally right before the game he started the 10 straight win streak bruh…. Btw, the lowest score besides this game so far has been Gukesh who also played Magnus… the second lowest? David Paravyan against Nakamura who is rated 2550…. Insanity

  24. Magnus looks like he hasn't left his room in months

  25. The reason you thought Fab was black on that game 1:51:43 the announcer says that Fab could win this as black…. But look before and … they had it wrong…. it showed Fab as black and then in a split second they switched it at 1:52:12 in the middle of the game. So it was displaying wrong. LOL

  26. They were talking about how Chess players from decades ago would puke and be upset with the way chess is played today. The notion that chess players are supposed to just come out and play the exact same lines which lead to draws majority of the time, there is nothing “beautiful” about that. That is worse players crying because other chess players are smarter and better at chess by creating new lines and being both technical and fun to watch. Those same worse players are the ones who say stupid crap like “the player should just resign so that they don’t disrespect the other player!” THAT IS HORSE SHIIIIIHH. It is a competition, respect is playing as good as you possibly could and not resign incase the other crybaby blunders. If you cannot handle being beat in a game where “you thought resigning would be respectful” than quit playing competitive chess. That weak minded nonsense is not what has made chess popular again.

  27. For Magnus to do this to Fabi is beyond me. To see this kind of “2019 Magnus” level of excellence is such a wonderful thing to witness again.

  28. For Magnus to do this to Fabi is beyond me. To see this kind of “2019 Magnus” level of excellence is such a wonderful thing to witness again.

  29. 35:40 lol Danya was so pleased with himself over his Bahamas joke, but Danny left him hanging

  30. Considering Magnus has a pro-looking microphone, his audio is terrible

  31. On that second game I was yelling heeeeeeeyy the pawn isnt stopping do something xD

  32. The commentary was way more awkward than normal. Love you guys

  33. This is why Magnus offered a draw in the last game of their world championship match despite the computer saying his position was near winning. He knew that if you sped up the time control and had a match consisting of 4 games his chance of winning was almost 100%. Whereas in classical chess Fabiano is so strong that if Magnus had made a mistake and lost his advantage Fabiano might have beaten him and taken his title.

  34. What anti-cheating measures did they have for these online matches?
    Players are in different locations (own homes?). No sign of an arbiter.
    So how can we be sure there is no cheating going on.
    To put question into context. Do you think Fischer would ever have agreed to play in such conditions against players from the Soviet Union?

  35. Would like to see the commentators not have an eval bar. Seems they use it as too much of a crutch.

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