Carlsen, Magnus — Firouzja, Alireza, Champions Chess Tour Classic 2024, Round 4.3, 1-0

The Classic is the second tournament of the Champions Chess Tour 2024.

Any non-GM titled player can join the qualifier, with qualified players and GMs then joining the Play-in phase. In total, 56 players move on to the Division Play phase.

The following players have already earned spots in the Classic Division I based on their performance in the previous CCT event, the 2024 Chessable Masters:

GM Magnus Carlsen
GM Alireza Firouzja
GM Vincent Keymer

Day 1 Play-in (May 8)
Starts: 12:30 ET / 18:30 CEST / 22:00 IST

Grandmasters and qualified players compete to get a favorable placement in the Division Placement phase.

Players’ results in the Play-in determine how high they can go and how easy it is for them to make it to a higher division.

David Howell
Danny Rensch
Robert Hess
Tania Sachdev
Daniel Naroditsky

Placing Division I Division II Division III
1st $30,000 $15,000 $7,500
2nd $20,000 $10,000 $6,000
3rd $15,000 $7,500 $5,000
4th $12,500 $6,000 $4,000
5th (x2) $10,000 $5,500 $3,500
7th (x2) $7,500 $5,000 $3,000
9th (x4) – $4,500 $2,600
13th (x4) – $4,000 $2,200
17th (x8) – – $1,850
25th (x8) – –

If you want me to create a video of one of your own games, just send me a mail with your game, including names of players, place, date and result.

It would be my pleasure.

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