Can Rapport Challenge Magnus For Finals On The Penultimate Day? GRENKE Chess Classic 2024 Rds 9-10

World no. 1 Magnus Carlsen and World Champion Ding Liren play the GRENKE Chess Classic, a 6-player event happening alongside an open with almost 3,000 players! Two rounds are played each game at a “fast-classical” time control of 45 minutes per player, with 10 seconds added per move. Watch the games:

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  1. Real World champion finishes in 1st place, current "world champion" finishes in last place, No wonder Magnus refused to defend his title, I wouldn't waste my time either when Ding and Nepo are the "challengers"

  2. 6:44:25 Fridman doesn't make the obvious winning move in pity for Ding "World Champion" Liren, yikes how bad are you that a 2500 is letting you win a game out of pity.

  3. What saved this was AG talking so much and so fast that LT often kept quiet. Unfortunately not always, often when AG night say 'X looks good' LT would chime 'I love X', clearly having no idea why X might be good or otherwise. Some people have zero self-awareness. Nod to AG not being put out by this or not appearing to be. JG hides this less well as time goes on.

  4. After all, Anish has given some free lessons to Trent.

  5. Magnus is not you Anish😂, he will grind his game as long as he can

  6. Can't wait for the hundreds of comments from random incompetent people hating on ding now. :/

  7. 6+ hours in Giri with a D joke, his commentary has grown leaps and bounds lol. Both you and Lawrence did a great job

  8. LT seemed very tired to me. AG was great

  9. What's wrong with the sound? It's like they are sitting in a cathedral and is hard to hear

  10. Great commentary. Congrats Magnus. Ding Liren is the worst world champion ever.

  11. Magnus might not be regularly playing/practicing classical anymore but we know he still plays other faster time controls, Ding on the other hand had just recently played since winning as far as we know. Still we can't underestimate him in WCC since it's all about how well they're prepared.

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