Bobby’s First BRILLIANT MOVE!! 不 #shorts

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  1. Its an analysis u can see it at the search bar at the beggining

  2. This was the cleaner mate as well. Mate in 3 vs mate in like 6. Y'all are so focused on taking the queen you can't see that King will slip right through if he takes. Qxf8, KxC7, maybe Pb6 maybe try to position the knight, check with the queen but it's still Kxc6 or Rxd6 and then a king hunt. You would probably win the took in the end anyway but this was WAY faster

  3. Bro became the best player in the world for 30 seconds(after that he will have 7 years of bad luck in games)

  4. This was Mikha簿l tavs fork from the 60s but nice content grab.

  5. Or you know you know you could've played the obvious queen takes F8, king moves to C7. Queen F4, where the king is forced to go to two squares where it can go get forked by the knight,then you're up a knight and a queen or just a queen. If the rook blocks you just take with the queen and it should be mate in a few moves. The move he played is awful

  6. 衪郋 赲 迮訄郅郇郋邿 郈訄邽邽 訇郅郋 郋?

  7. so black moves his pawn rather than take a free queen

  8. Fym what can I do I would just take the queen with no hesitation. But maybe that is why I am 600 elo

  9. This actualy happen in a game from Mijail tal

  10. Blud thinks hes levy

    Couldve done Qf8

  11. bro are you stupid? did you know you can just simply take the queen check and then the king has to go to c7 after that queen f4 its unstapable you can win the game and fork the king and the rook simple

  12. The fact he found that while blacks queen was hanging is either really impressive or really unimpressive. He either saw it, but figured there was a better option. Or completely missed it

  13. Wait,you can capture the queen quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Best move is easily to take the queen, the knight e5, and then queen to b8, games over there…

  15. You can just take the queen, the queen doesnt have any protection

  16. He could have defended his queen with Kb6 right?

  17. A lot of people saying he could have just taken the queen but instead he won material by getting a rook, queen, and pawn

  18. Imagine if he was versing Summer Martin and was desperately losing, until he made this move

  19. black Queen was unprotected in front of white queen

  20. U could take the queen with the queen bro so u just win a queen

  21. Why is this better than taking opponent's queen?

  22. He missed mate in three.
    Queen takes
    Black Kings only move is to c7
    Then white king moves to b6 mate

  23. The bishop 10000000 light years away

  24. But he can take da queen early
    (Hikaru reaction)noooooooo~~~~ noooo

  25. Sometimes my own intelligence, it scares me type ahh move

  26. dude decides to go for the brilliant move instead of capturing the free queen, what a champ

  27. But why black didnt take the white queen at the start than moving the damn pawn?

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