Bobby Fischer’s last classical chess game encounter with Mikhail Tal – Curacao Cands (1962) Rd 18

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Mikhail Tal vs Robert James Fischer
Curacao Candidates (1962) · Spanish Game: Classical. Central Variation (C64)

[Event “Curacao Candidates”]
[Site “Willemstad CURACAO”]
[Date “1962.06.05”]
[Round “18”]
[White “Mikhail Tal”]
[Black “Robert James Fischer”]
[Result “1/2-1/2”]
[ECO “C64”]
[PlyCount “65”]
[EventDate “1962.05.02”]

{Mikhail Tal (Latvian: Mihails TÄ ls; Russian: Михаил
Рехемьевич Таль, Michail Nechem’eviÄ Tal, pronounced
[mʲixʌˈiɫ nʲɪˈxɛmʲɪvʲit͡ɕ ˈtal]; sometimes transliterated
Mihails Tals or Mihail Tal; November 9, 1936 — June 28, 1992)[1] was a
Soviet-Latvian chess Grandmaster and the eighth World Chess Champion (from
1960 to 1961). Widely regarded as a creative genius and the best attacking
player of all time, he played in a daring, combinatorial style.[2][3] His play
was known above all for improvisation and unpredictability. Every game, he
once said, was as inimitable and invaluable as a poem.[4] He was often called
“Misha”, a diminutive for Mikhail, and “The magician from Riga”. Both The
Mammoth Book of the World’s Greatest Chess Games (Burgess, Nunn & Emms 2004)
and Modern Chess Brilliancies (Evans 1970) include more games by Tal than any
other player. Tal was also a highly regarded chess writer. He also holds the
records for both the first and second longest unbeaten streaks in competitive
chess history.[5] The Mikhail Tal Memorial is held in Moscow annually since
2006 to honour Tal’s memory.}

Fischer picture
By Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-76052-0335,_Schacholympiade,_Tal_(UdSSR)_gegen_Fischer_(USA).jpg: Kohls, Ulrich derivative work: Karpouzi [CC BY-SA 3.0 ()], via Wikimedia Commons

Tal Picture
Harry Pot [CC BY-SA 3.0 nl ()], via Wikimedia Commons
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  1. I like to think of Bobby Fischer and Mikhail Tal as bread and butter. Or to be more specific, some really elegant bread, and profoundly pissed off butter.

  2. What a fantastic game. I was unaware of this one. Thank you for posting with an excellent commentary.

  3. Tal-white, Fischer-Black. Ami I right? Seems like there were a few sleep of tongues-15.49 for example.

  4. i dont know anymore who is black here and who is white

  5. Mikhail Tal is playing White. Fischer is playing Black. Sorry if I implied otherwise at some point in the video. Cheers, K

  6. Yes oops – I put a note on the right now about that.

  7. is this the last_ever classical game encounter between the two champions? the title could be missleading

  8. I believe it is if one disregards the two 5 minute games in 1970. I am going by Chessgames(dot)com. Does anyone know of another classical game encounter after this?!

  9. One of the best chess games I have ever seen that ended in a draw! The last moves were something like a climax scene in a 70s horror movie. KC, do you have a favorite drawn game in your mind?

  10. Apparently Fischer was the only grandmaster in that tournament to have visited Tal in the hospital.

  11. He did put an immortal draw some videos ago I think. There was also an immortal loss.

  12. That picture of Fisher visiting Tal has an error and doesn't appear.

  13. bobby playing like Tal and you confused me who was playing white

  14. fischer was very young but after 15 years old he beat up tal

  15. Instead, at 13:10 … b4 attacking the White Queen is interesting.

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