Bobby Fischer’s Game Of The Century: Every Move Explained For Chess Beginners

Bobby Fischer’s Game of the Century is considered one of the greatest chess games of all time. Watch as this 13-year-old future World Chess Champion, demolishes his opponent with amazing tactical blows!

* Don’t waste moves in the opening. (Rd1, Bg5)
* Wasted opening moves must be punished with aggression. …Na4!!
* Know your chess patterns. (smothered mate, windmill, forks, skewers, decoys, pins, etc.)
* When winning, don’t rush.

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  1. I read all the comments.Please do not change anything I like the videos exactly as is.

  2. First time I've seen TGOTC and Smothered Mate… Absolutely Amazing ! Thanks for sharing…Liked and Subscribed…going now to practice mi moooves!! Respect from the UK.

  3. Great work! The game most often speaks for itself, yet you certainly did it justice! The dynamics, the principled play, the traps, all the variations, all come together to make this beautiful game. The forced mating sequence leading to the fairly rare Vukovic checkmate was a glorious finish to this great game and had gone down in history as undoubtedly one of the greatest games ever played. 🙂

    Good day, Sam.

  4. Alexander Pope, pointed out: "errare humanum est, consulet et corriget sit sapiens". Therefore in a 3D board the game is developed with more realism. Thank you.

  5. I think you may be the best chess commentator on YouTube, you did an awesome job with this video! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Big fan of this channel but, personally, I cannot cope with the 3D board. I've tried.

  7. Sir I hope you remember me. I met u on twitch yesterday . I go by the name aryanoob in twitch

  8. Got my sub ! Great way of showing beginners like myself how big some plays are

  9. Just discovered your channel and yeah I see some of these moves for the first time, you're giving a brilliant explanation thank you very much !

  10. 11:34 You got your wish! I'm watching this for the first time and when you showed the smothered mate I gasped audibly. You're explaining this beautifully and I really appreciate your work.

  11. Yes just seeing that smothered mate for the first time last night right here and it was SO cool!

  12. Omg … thank you SO much for better chess graphics… Christ!

  13. I really enjoyed this in part because I was one of his multiple chess victims, tutees in Chicago in 72.

  14. 3:00 oh the irony , fuck you and your grandiose you call memory not entropy

  15. Wow. So cool! Thanks for putting this out there!

  16. Amazing! Thank you for the breakdown. I appreciate that you explain all the move a little slower than others online for beginners like me.

  17. Love your analysis. Slow and steady.

  18. Immediately Subscribed. I was searching for such a channel. Thanks, Just one suggestion. If you can avoid using the 3D view of the chessboard. only show 2D board plz

  19. This was wonderful. I’d never seen this match. Perfect commentating and pacing. Thank you!

  20. Me pausing at 16:51– but there’s still gotta be a move to get out of this.

    After a minute of looking- oh…… he’s screwed lol.

    And that’s why my level of chess is I know how each piece can and can not move and nothing more than that.

  21. I couldn't stop smiling after Bobby's trap was laid.

  22. My first time seeing the smothered mate. It was truly beautiful.

  23. Something not mentioned….After the game was over, Fischer still had 10 of his 16 pieces 🤣

  24. At 12 minutes why can’t queen take knight might be dumb but I’m confused

  25. I just found you. I have watched A LOT of chess videos over the years and you are BY FAR the best and easiest chess content creator I have seen. Thank you so much for your detailed and calm explanations. No stupid yelling and idiotic facial expressions or extremely annoying sound effects…, just supreme chess teaching. Thanks again

  26. I am seeing the check mate for the first time and it astonishes me!

  27. I am an absolute chess NOOB, and this helped me a lot with how good Bobby and other chess masters are/were. I don't even know how all of the pieces move, and yet, I found this insightful and informative! Thank you!

  28. 11:28 I just saw this for the first time. Eloquence! Never studied the game but played many times. My go to was always forcing a knight attack decision. So effective in my limited experience.

  29. Hi Sam, what software do you use to make your video? I mean the screen on screen part.

  30. Great videos but way too many ads. Including the ads at the beginning and end I had 5 ads (if I didn't skip any the total ad time would probably be longer than the video itself). Very disruptive to the flow of thought especially when you're calculating moves.

  31. Whats so good about chess? I just started playing cause its fun & helps spend time

  32. Very good video. I recommend to Sam to make more videos where moves are narrated the way that does not require us to look on the screen but instead when we listen and make moves over the physical board.

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