BEST Chess Opening for White (2023) | Crush Your Opponents!

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the best chess opening for White that you can use in 2023 to crush your opponents. It’s a relatively new opening variation unknown by your opponents. Therefore, you’ve got a great chance of winning lots and lots of games easily!

It is the Goring Gambit from the Scotch Game which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4 4.c3, which is an improved version of the Danish Gambit.

► Chapters

00:00 Best Chess Opening for White, Win More Games in 2023
00:27 Drawback of the Danish Gambit
01:34 Scotch Game: Goring Gambit, Double Pawn Sacrifice
02:58 Surprising move discomforts Black’s position
04:30 Brilliant combination wins the game for White
05:07 If Black plays Nxd5 instead of Nxe4
07:13 If Black avoids cxb2
09:03 Achieve your chess goals in 2023

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  1. Why can’t he move the night to a5 attacking the bishop instead of going to e7?

  2. What if at 4:41 instead of taking knight they just move the king out of the way?

  3. 5:35 what if black goes knight a5 threatening to take the bishop?

  4. What do I do if black plays Qf6 after you block block with Nc3?

  5. I'm a 1550 at 14, trying to branch out my openings. Watched a few videos of yours, and dang. I'm definitely subscribing man! I'm competing for a leadership position in my school chess team, and you're helping!! Appreciate this content

  6. Just fun…This is not correct…Black is many times save game

  7. i wish you would put recommended chess ratings on your videos. I am only 1200 but no one falls for this in blitz

  8. Hi Igor, can you play an iteration where black knight instead of moving back moves to A5 and puts pressure on the bishop?

  9. I have a question. After exd5, what if black plays Na5?

  10. what If they don't take the pawn then they move kf6?

  11. Winning like Tal. Shows how his name is embosed in the history of chess

  12. Bro the first game I play after this video doesn't go anything like this

  13. at 5:33 – why would the night have to go back? I would intuitively move the night to a5 attacking White's bishop … or why is this a bad idea?

  14. What if black Bishop takes Knight before castling ?

  15. What if knight goes c5 after it captures the free pawn?

  16. This guy has much better content for lower rated players than Levy. GM too.

  17. Can you only do this if your opponent responds with e5? What if they do another opening?

  18. Checked in an app and it's called goring gambit

  19. what elo range should you play this? i'm1200 and cant seem to make it work

  20. I think someone tried this position against me. I think so because their position in game looked very similar to this. At first I thought they were aiming for some weird scholar's mate trick. I declined the gambit and played in such a way where I used my knights to prevent their bishop from going to certain squares. And they ended up with such a messy opening. I could be wrong, but the position in this video just looks very similar to something i've experienced before in a game..

  21. Hello igor nice vid but for me it isn't working they always play bishop to e7

  22. 7:05 What if he defends with pawn to F6 after queen moves to C3?

  23. Most of my opponents play it wrong now I'll crush them with there opening

  24. Divya Jyoti दिव्य ज्योति says:

    That's so good information sir

  25. i tried this on Lichess. 95% of the people do not follow the black moves AT ALL. and things turn very messy quickly!

  26. But why do we celebrate Christmas in December, when nothing is mentioned in the Bible

  27. But what if black plays pawn f5, please explain

  28. I played this today oh my god i checkmated him from all sides

  29. Theres a couple holes where this plan falls through like if they take your knight with bishop but what a cool new strategy

  30. Thanks for the video! Any suggestions if they take your knight on C3 in the opening sequence? Then you loose the advantage of being able to move to D5.

  31. What if black doesn't take the c3 pawn and instead moves their pawn to d5?

  32. only thing that could stop this opening would be realizing it, and move to long castle

  33. Nothing is mentioned about Christmas in the Bible

  34. I’m curious, what would you do if black plays Qf6 after blocking black with Nc3? Great video! Cheers, all. Forgive my amateur question.

  35. Igor is the best. He should have an own TV show!😊

  36. Igor can you tell me what to do if your opponent puts his bishop on h6 not f6?

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