BEST Chess Opening for Black: Sicilian Defense: Basic Strategy, Moves, Variations, Ideas & Tricks

Find out the Best Chess Opening Strategy for Black in this video. This is the most common chess opening played at the grandmaster level. Openings are the most exciting phase in the game of chess. There are various chess tricks, strategies, moves and ideas that you can use to win more games. In this video, I will show you the Basics of the Sicilian Defense, which is statistically the most successful opening for black. The Sicilian Defense can be used by black against the King’s pawn opening where white plays pawn to e4. This chess opening trick has a lot of variations like the Najdorf variation, Classical variation, Dragon variation, open sicilian & Scheveningen variation. The Sicilian was played very often by grandmasters like Bobby Fischer & Garry Kasparov. The opening moves shown in this video will help you build a strong opening repertoire & will help you win more games. You just need to follow these starting moves & practice in game situations & you will definitely improve your game. Let me know which is your favorite chess opening? If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below. I will be happy to answer & help you out.

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  1. I love your videos it helped me to get to 935 to 1400

  2. my favorite openings a ruy lopez and king's gambit❤

  3. Love these vids help a lot i started playing when i was challenged if i could be a guy he would give me £50

  4. My favourite opening is ponziani opening

  5. i think that fried liver attack is best for me

  6. I have subscribed but please teach game till end while Playing

  7. I have played sicilian najdorf for almost an year and it was very difficult to play, so I decided to start playing sicilian kan.

  8. my favorite chess opening is king side gambit ,queen side gambit and Italian opening
    1 king side
    2 Italian
    3 queen side
    and nice video

  9. and i mate Vidith chess player in Gujarath

  10. my best opening as black is cicillian dragon

  11. Queens gambit is my favourite opening and i learned it from your channel

  12. These openings is my favorite in black I want a strong opening in white

  13. As a Black, My reply for E4 is Scandinavian

  14. King side when playing as white, queens side when playing black

  15. Hello sir, i have a doubht

    In 2.58 mins what if white plays pawn to e5 which is supported by the knight too

  16. At dec 8 I won all chess games but now I am very weak at chess

  17. At 2:12 why will white not play c3 generally. That case both white and black will lose one one pawn each for d5

  18. my favourite is the kings Indian defence

  19. Dharma Varta धार्मिकवार्ता says:

    Good content and clear description. Thank you.

  20. My favourite opening for white is English and for back it is pirc.

  21. Kings Indian defence is my favourite opening

  22. My favorite opening is the Italian opening but after seeing this video I would definitely try the Sicilian whenever I will get the opportunity to play as black.
    BTW love your videos!!

  23. Pls make video on every variation of Sicilian

  24. how do you beat black if I'm using white against the Black Sicilian?

  25. My favourite chess opening for white is The kings gambit and the Italian game . black-Sicilian Defense

  26. Also the most complex one with tons upon tons of variations very hard for people under 1800….i think

  27. We can also give strong development by opening with bishop to support that pawn Bd3.
    In next step we can move that pawn in two steps. Quiet by these moves I can make my whites more strong. Both pawna are equally supporting to bishop and developing the next same move with knight is also good as you said.

  28. You’re very good. Clear, easy to understand, exciting content, (traps) and all but one of the main attributes that isn’t talked about a lot is your positivity and pure optimism. Pretentiousness and egotism surrounds chess as we all know unfortunately. Even my favorite YouTube chess tutors are probably not those with whom I’d like to meet. Your kindness and generosity is encouraging. There are clearly a few good people left in the world. Too bad you’re on the other side of the earth, brother. Thanks for the efforts.

    Latvian Gambit is my favorite. 🙂

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