Berserk! (5 hour video alert!) Monthly Lichess Chess Classical (10 minutes each) – 2nd March 2017

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  1. 1 ok yeah that’s mildly funny and very coincidental (I laugh a little)2 yeah i get it! (Mildly annoyed, jokingly) 3 come on quit laughing. Your not even looking at the game. (Not laughing.) 4 stop it!! (Looool can’t stop laughing because he can’t stop laughing.) 5 wait, what’s so funny?!

  2. One terrible, horrible confession in 50:30. I can't believe what people do these days.

  3. Wait, why exactly could you not watch breaking bad?

  4. what do you mean by, blunders are not in isolation?

  5. Finally another Tourney!! i have been waiting ofr one of these for ages!

  6. At 30:53 the opponent had Q to E3 pinning your rook , winning for him. thx for the bersek games. Would be nice to review some games

  7. please post more marathons and video from your twitch

  8. I cannot believe… So many cheaters. It is absolutely disgusting.

  9. Конечно,стиль не дышит глубиной расчетов,но чертовски увлекательно.Гдето авантюрно,гдето в пылу азарта прсмотры,просчеты но игра живая-живет и радует.Благодарю Вас за игру!

  10. Breaking Bad >>> Gimore Girls, not that I've ever seen the latter, but IMDB agrees with me. In any case, if ever I have nothing to watch… but I doubt it :p

  11. that ending kept me at the edge of my seat! Almost impossible to know who was gonna win at the end!


  12. "I wanted to watch Breaking Bad but ended up watching Gilmour Girls." That's like: I was going to eat pizza but ended up eating a bag of dog biscuits.

  13. FYI: Alan Turing devised the Turning test in 1950.

  14. I laughed out loud about the Gilmore Girls comment! My wife made me watch Downton Abbey—and I ended up really liking it.

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