Battling the Smith Morra Gambit | Classical Chess

In this video, I play in a game against Kholpilova (2331) in the Monthly Classical Arena on The game features a Smith Morra Gambit in which I share my preparation from the black side. After the game, I share some analysis of the critical lines and traps from both perspectives, inspired by the legendary IM Marc Esserman.

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  1. Could someone explain to me why at 11:40 Queen D6 is not a move worth considering ? I am not trying to be cocky, I am just a beginner and I was wondering.. 😀

  2. “Maybe opponent will resign now”
    opponent resigns

  3. Your audio is all over the place on this video, Eric.

  4. Great game, Eric. I REALLY enjoy the 10, 15, 20 minute time formats (a lot more explanatory) along with your typical blitz streams. I come here to learn, after all. 🙂 I'll try to catch you live more often.

  5. Great content. I appreciate you taking the time to play longer time controls!

  6. I played the Morra-gambit during my entire amateur carriere so you might understand me not being pleased with the pleasure you seemed to enjoy in … destroying it.

  7. Around 24:00 in all these lines can't black just recapture on c8 with the knight should white sac the exchange? Am I missing something?

  8. I have a question. At move 12 (can say it's at 12:00) why Qd6 is a bad move and Eric didn't even consider it?

    Edit: is it the bf4 threat?

  9. Because you made a short content, I am starting to leave you Chanel. I like your previous year Chanel, streaming up to 2 or 3 hours.

  10. Love your hairline Eric.

    Rocking the Batman look!

  11. Hi Eric. After 8 … Ng4, what would you do if 9. g3? wouldn't that end Black's attack?

  12. Anyone else think toggi’s creepy and stalkery?

  13. You are a master in Chess bro but it gets so boring comment everything sub, every unessesery comment during game 😊greeting from Germany. With love your fan 😊😉

  14. Hello bro why can't oppent play pawn f2 to f3 while he was in check mate on next move that was queen to H2

  15. 2020 is not a start of new decade. Recent decade started Jan 1st 2011 and ends 2020 Dec 31st.

  16. Taking on f2 is like taking Candy from a stranger it might be a greek candy?!

  17. Who in the world is Tagi??🙈 I can't concentrate on board, too distracted thinking about this Tagi thing/fellow😂

  18. is there any classical tournament on lichess
    please tell

  19. "Taking f2 is like taking candy from a stranger"
    ~ Rosen, 2020

    That is inspiring philosophy

  20. The first year was 1 not 0, so the decade doesn't start until 2021.

  21. 10:26 "more like a smith morra gift"
    the casual trash talk gets me every time

  22. Who is toggi? I've been in the chat but I don't get it

  23. Mr Eric please reply to my comments, regarding nasty queen sacrifice play by Magnus Carlsen

  24. Little did Eric know the storm that would follow a few more months after this stream

  25. Thanks for doing these! Man, I didn't know a bit of who you were when you made this but for the person you are today, you seem to make others happy. That's something.

  26. 1.1.2020 is not the beginning of a new decade but the beginning of the last year of the recent one – except when we start to count the years with zero.

  27. I’m currently playing my first Smith-Morra in a daily game. It’s going well, mostly because my opponent hung the wrong pawn and lost a knight, then lost another knight for no reason I can figure out.

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