Attacking the Uncastled King | Chess Middlegames

The King left in the center is often the beginning of brilliant chess victories! It should be the main focus of your attention and most of your play should be based around how to punish it!

The safest and the best way to play chess is to follow classical chess principles – develop your pieces (knights before bishops), castle, and only then start creating attacking plans. There is a whole school of chess neglecting that! Modern openings and many aggressive openings choose time and the initiative over safety.

In some cases, the aggressive player is left with his most important piece stuck on e8 or e1, in the middle of the board and as a target for a deadly attack!

A king left in the center is a feature of the position which changes play completely. The player with the uncastled king will often look for attacking chances and a quick initiative to compensate for the lack of development, and the other player must adjust his play too. The way to play against a lack of development and a king in the center is quickly, aggressively and mercilessly!

The pawn structure doesn’t matter, the material doesn’t matter! Your goal is to open up lines, bring in reinforcements and checkmate.

One thing I think is crucial is taking more time in these positions. Even though it’s the late opening or early middlegame, take the position seriously and stop at each move. Think as if you were solving a puzzle saying: “White to play and win.” Very often you will have a deadly tactical blow!

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  1. I think you should include the opera game. The best example of why you shouldn't keep your king in the center for a long time.

  2. Bravo! Another concisel explanation of a basic chess principle with excellent examples. Your series is extraordinary.

  3. The most underrated chess Youtuber. This guy deserves more

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    Lessons like yours are genrally paid. You must have atleast 1 million subscriber. I ll try my best to advertise ur channel as much as i can through instagram

  8. Excellent video mate. Thanks so much for the great content. Have you considered putting up a donation link? It's clear that you're putting a lot of effort into these videos, and people might want to contribute. Keep up the great work!

  9. thank you for the interesting info, one day i hope i understand all of this!
    thank you sir!

  10. Ah I missed the video on the first moments… nice job and thanks so much for the informations XD

  11. I loved the kings gambit and all the messed up position and the bishop gambit is very enjoyable thanks so much

  12. Thanks for uploading these videos, this one was of particular interest to me as I tend to play the Kings gambit with the hope of sacrificing a bishop on f7 then luring the black king out 🙂

  13. your videos are even better than the saint louis ones – they might be GMs, but you're the best teacher. Thank you!

  14. Helpful ideas and well presented. Thank you.

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  20. At 9:36, after the pawn sac, why not force checkmate?

    Good work on all your videos btw, they're excellent

  21. 2nd time in this video and grasp everything…. Thnx for sharing

  22. I haven't played a game in a really long time against a non-castled king and it really threw me off when my friend who isn't very good at chess didn't castle… I drew that game and I am very sad

  23. man every time when i read a book and wanna revise it on youtube and type the chapter name, ur name appears and it makes me super happy since ur explanations further deepen my understandings. thank you very much

  24. Excellent video and helpful points about the engine and human capabilities to play certain positions. Someone will often burn all their time in the opening trying to defend this type of position the engine defends easily

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