Anna vs Mariya – Battle of the Muzychuk sisters | Tata Steel Chess India 2022 Women Blitz

GM Anna and GM Mariya Muzychuk are currently two of the strongest sisters in the chess universe among the active chess players. They have countless accolades and almost everything there is to win among themselves. While Anna has World Rapid once and World Blitz Women’s title twice, Mariya has won World Women’s Championship in Classical chess. It goes without saying that they both are very strong and haven’t had a decisive result in over seven years. Will that change in the second round of Tata Steel Chess India 2022 Women Rapid? Find out in this video.

Replay the game

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. у них уже большая часть фигур выведена, чуть размена а на времени без изменений почти ))) мгновенные ходы

  2. The title of the video is too funny 🤣🥲

  3. ой я бы женился не раздумывая – видно прям ход мыслей на лице – прям видно мысли теснятся в голове – красиво

  4. I wonder how many times they've played vs each other

  5. 4:22 This is why you should never trust the other player, even your own sibling! Anna missed the completely winning Be7!! with an unstoppable threat of Bd8 followed by Bxa5. Instead, Anna played a4 far too quickly, already convinced that all moves are a draw, oops!

  6. I once saw them give each other a little hug after a match when they were (seemingly) unaware the cameras were filming. It was pretty heartwarming.😊

  7. Для чого сестер зводити щоб між собою грали ?

  8. They always draw when they play each other😊

  9. They skin is even white than the white chess pieces

  10. Sad that neither of them will participate in the world rapid & blitz 2022.

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