Anish Giri Reacts To Armageddon Win And Previews Nihal Sarin Matchup

Anish Giri reflects on his CGC quarterfinal win over Teimour Radjabov, and previews his next match against Indian GM Nihal Sarin!

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  1. OMG I had to leave. Had no idea! I think he just wanted to get interviewed by Nemo. 🙂 Good job Anish!!! I would have went for a Nemo hug LOL .

  2. Can someone explain the Armageddon bidding?

  3. Really late at 9, and I am watching this at 1.30 am 😅

  4. Chess24 meltwater visually seems much better

  5. Nemo is SO MUCH more awkward than Anish
    Hope she stops shitting on nerds and looks at herself first

  6. I think what he meant to say was between Hikaru, Wesley and Nihal, he preferred facing Nihal.

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