An Instant Classic at the 2018 World Chess Championship | Game 6

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway defends his title against challenger Fabiano Caruana of the United States in Game 6 of the 2018 World Chess Championship match that is being held in London. It’s a best of 12 games where the first player to earn 6.5 points earns the lion’s share of a $1.14 million prize pool, and the title of “World Chess Champion”. Both players entered game 6 deadlocked with 2.5 points each. Carlsen, in this classic game 6, tested Caruana for the first time in the match with e4, after having played both d4 and c4 in games 2 & 4 respectively. Caruana, not surprisingly, employed a favorite defense of his in that of the Petrov. A highly atypical 4th move by Carlsen sparked a unusally high number of knights moves after only 14 turns. The middlegame was rich with plans, and the endgame is one which left a lasting impression on all who observed the 6.5 hour battle.

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. Nxe5 d6 4. Nd3 { C42 Russian Game: Karklins-Martinovsky Variation } Nxe4 5. Qe2 Qe7 6. Nf4 Nc6 7. Nd5 Nd4 8. Nxe7 Nxe2 9. Nd5 Nd4 10. Na3 Ne6 11. f3 N4c5 12. d4 Nd7 13. c3 c6 14. Nf4 Nb6 15. Bd3 d5 16. Nc2 Bd6 17. Nxe6 Bxe6 18. Kf2 h5 19. h4 Nc8 20. Ne3 Ne7 21. g3 c5 22. Bc2 O-O 23. Rd1 Rfd8 24. Ng2 cxd4 25. cxd4 Rac8 26. Bb3 Nc6 27. Bf4 Na5 28. Rdc1 Bb4 29. Bd1 Nc4 30. b3 Na3 31. Rxc8 Rxc8 32. Rc1 Nb5 33. Rxc8+ Bxc8 34. Ne3 Nc3 35. Bc2 Ba3 36. Bb8 a6 37. f4 Bd7 38. f5 Bc6 39. Bd1 Bb2 40. Bxh5 Ne4+ 41. Kg2 Bxd4 42. Bf4 Bc5 43. Bf3 Nd2 44. Bxd5 Bxe3 45. Bxc6 Bxf4 46. Bxb7 Bd6 47. Bxa6 Ne4 48. g4 Ba3 49. Bc4 Kf8 50. g5 Nc3 51. b4 Bxb4 52. Kf3 Na4 53. Bb5 Nc5 54. a4 f6 55. Kg4 Ne4 56. Kh5 Be1 57. Bd3 Nd6 58. a5 Bxa5 59. gxf6 gxf6 60. Kg6 Bd8 61. Kh7 Nf7 62. Bc4 Ne5 63. Bd5 Ba5 64. h5 Bd2 65. Ba2 Nf3 66. Bd5 Nd4 67. Kg6 Bg5 68. Bc4 Nf3 69. Kh7 Ne5 70. Bb3 Ng4 71. Bc4 Ne3 72. Bd3 Ng4 73. Bc4 Nh6 74. Kg6 Ke7 75. Bb3 Kd6 76. Bc2 Ke5 77. Bd3 Kf4 78. Bc2 Ng4 79. Bb3 Ne3 80. h6 Bxh6

Internet Chess Club (ICC)
Software: Blitzin

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  1. This game is silly,.. just a lot of dinking around, and no piece development (a critical flaw — with so many games showing lack of opening lines for bishops, the queen, and finally rooks) ,… why don't players remember that it is the King that is the target? I hate end games.

  2. what are good openings to try and play king f2 instead of castling in blitz?

  3. With your analyses of these games, it's difficult to believe you aren't at grandmaster or at least getting close to that. As interesting as it was, most of the complex sequences were far beyond what my 1130 brain could comprehend lol. Your videos are really pleasant to watch and listen to and I always end up having another game or two after watching just to get my brain going again.

  4. Amazing sequence of moves with bishop and knight to win. Profound and very educational. I will be re-watching this many more times. Thanks Jerry.

  5. In my chess engine after Ng1(move 70)36.52 by black, white moved bishop back to d5, what should black do to win the game

  6. Superb commentary on end game. Without chess commentators like you we would have never understood this higher level gameplay.
    "Engines only give numbers not the explaination"
    4000 + likes for the video says it all ….

  7. Love all the detail and explanation think it would be really cool if at the end you showed the game without all the stoppage and commentary for those that are in a rush or would just like to see the match as it played out.

  8. This is wonderful commentary and a great tutorial!

  9. I wonder if Carlsen wouldve found that bishop h4 move if the sides were flipped

  10. I can't stop watching these videos. I am not a big chess player, yet the analysis is fantastic and gripping. Great channel.

  11. why do you think Fabi didnt just win the bishop pair on move 9?

  12. Do not move your minors twice in the opening
    And if you want to do it like macuana 10! Times

    That's what I learnt

  13. Jerry awesome videos please keep them coming

  14. I really like the guy doing the analysis. He's actually quite funny – the way he describes situations. I like the videos. I'm trying to watch all of them.

  15. What a nice analyses! From the position at (33:40), Stockfish took more than 5' to "see" the winner move …Bh4!!  (@ 5GHz, 4096MB Hash Tables and 10+billion nodes analyzed in my rig).

  16. but if in the endgame simplifying for black would be losing, and black started doing just that then why did white have to go with that imbalance?

  17. Wow the endgame is majestic .Im Fascinated

  18. Please make more end game tutorials 😊

  19. Kevin ran into time trouble on this one. Toward the end he kept saying the wrong color.

  20. What would you do if after 68 … bh4 bd5 ne2 bf3 ngn1 white plays bd5?

  21. Where is that picture in the thumbnail from? I'm asking 'cause it's the nicest picture I've seen of him.

  22. 33:05 – "This moment right here is the big one in this Endgame. Black has a winning continuation, but it's nearly impossibile to figure it out. It's study like. I'm gonna throw it as a POP quiz to you if you wanna try and figure this one out if you'd like. What is at least that first move that gets it in direction of winning here? Black to move. What would you do? " –

    Well, Jerry. If I knew it, I would've been a world champion too. Wouldn't I?

  23. Looks like 30. … Nb2 doesn't work because it can be responded to with 31. Be2. Traps the knight in a precarious position.

  24. on move 13, wouldnt it be better if white had played nb5? there was no way to stop the fork then, or was there?

  25. 8:00 what does "rank" mean when talking about a "second-rank knight vs. third-rank knight" ? I'm chess-illiterate, sorry

  26. Misses a study like ending that the 2nd best chess player in the world missed

    Somehow still disappointed with self

  27. That bishop triangulation is God like and you have to trap your own knight? Ai

  28. thx jerry. soo nice to remember this game after 2 years 🙂

  29. Even suggesting it might be a missed win is unfair.

  30. "Chess is the art of analysis." – Mikhail Botvinnik

    In Botvinnik's eyes, I believe, you would be great, master Jerry. In my eyes you are fantastic. Your tutorials are always analytical, revealing, instructive, interesting and superb. IMHO you are the best commentator on the YT (although there are other good ones). Thank you! Keep the excellent work going on!

  31. Wow triangulation at its finest!! Good video fine sir

  32. Please allow me to be polite .. aw never mind: This video demonstrates why and how Agad mator SUCKS. This the propper way to do it. NO tangents of idiocy of never played never would have been played chess.

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