Amazing Chess Game : Magnus Carlsen vs Judit Polgar – London Classic (2012) – English Opening

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Instructive game tags: classical time control game, english opening, clever opening choice to try and keep game more positional and calm, Maroczy bind with pawns on c4 and e4, knight retreat to d2 to protect c4 pawn, b4 played to take away c5 from black, f4 to kick knight from e5, after ng6 white has all pieces behind pawns, black by contrast has a knight on g6 which is in front of some pawns, white has greater space advantage and piece flexibility, exploiting a space advantage, central e4 square control reinforced by white, e4 overprotection with both knights bishop on f3, queen and rook on e1 behind it, suprising e5 break, e5 reinforced, e5 overprotection, pawn sacrifice by white but black gets weakened dark squares around king, f file pressure, two rooks on 7th rank, Nf6 and rh8 mating pattern, king heading towards h6 square, winning passed pawn on queenside because black so tied down, black in near zugzwang, instructive for how to exploit maroczy bind and space advantage, also instructive for how to exploit a positional bind generally

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Magnus Carlsen vs Judit Polgar
London Chess Classic (2012) · English Opening: Symmetrical. Anti-Benoni Variation Spielmann Defense (A33)

[Event “London Chess Classic”]
[Site “1:34:33-0:27:33”]
[Date “2012.12.07”]
[EventDate “2012.12.01”]
[Round “5”]
[Result “1-0”]
[White “Magnus Carlsen”]
[Black “Judit Polgar”]
[ECO “A33”]
[WhiteElo “?”]
[BlackElo “?”]
[PlyCount “2”]

1.c4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 e6 6.a3 Bc5 7.Nb3 Be7 8.e4 O-O 9.Be2 b6 10.O-O Bb7 11.Bf4 d6 12.Rc1 Rc8 13.Re1 Ne5 14.Nd2 Nfd7 15.Be3 Qc7 16.b4 Qb8 17.f4 Ng6 18.g3 Rfe8 19.Bf3 Qa8 20.Bf2 Ngf8 21.Qe2 Qb8 22.Red1 g6 23.e5 Bc6 24.Bd4 Red8 25.Bxc6 Rxc6 26.Nf3 dxe5 27.fxe5 Rdc8 28.Ne4 Qc7 29.Nfd2 a6 30.Nf2 Bg5 31.Rf1 Bxd2 32.Qxd2 Nxe5 33.Bxe5 Qxe5 34.Ng4 Rd6 35.Nh6+ Kg7 36.Rxf7+ Kh8 37.Qf2 Qd4 38.c5 bxc5 39.Qxd4+ Rxd4 40.Rxc5 Rcd8 41.Rcc7 Rd1+ 42.Kg2 R1d2+ 43.Kh3 R2d5 44.Ng4 Rh5+ 45.Kg2 Rd2+ 46.Kf3 Rf5+ 47.Ke3 Rxf7 48.Rxf7 Rd8 49.Nf6 Rb8 50.Kf4 h6 51.Ke5 a5 52.bxa5 Ra8 53.a6 1-0 —

Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen (Norwegian: [sʋɛn mɑŋnʉs øːn kɑːɭsn̩]; born 30 November 1990) is a Norwegian chess grandmaster and former chess prodigy who is the No. 1 ranked player in the world. His peak rating is 2872, the highest in history. Carlsen was the 2009 World Blitz chess champion.

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Photo courtesy of Ray Morris-Hill

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  1. Thanks for the usual brilliant analyses. There were some nice blunders between Mike and Luke on Saturday. Any comments ?

  2. I would like to see a child of Magnus and Judit plaing chess :).

  3. Magnus almost won, but got draw against Kasparov, the first time he played him at the age of 13.

  4. This was my favorite game from the tournament.

  5. Crusher, I love you man but it might have taken even Carlsen longer than ten seconds to find Rf1…just saying, I notice you do that a lot that's all.

  6. there is a reason he doesnt compete anymore…

  7. This tournament shows where Judith belongs in the hierarchy of chess.

  8. at 2:14 instead of playing e6 why not play e5 attacking the d4 knight and still planning for the pin at b4 once the knight retreats.

  9. Deep strategy worthy of Petrosian at his best. Superb play by Magnus.

  10. If you actually THINK when you play, trying to use tactics and dynamic strategies, the board becomes a battleground for you and your opponent. You get that competitive high when you best your opponents by outplaying them.

  11. the maroczy kind position was supposed to be creepy and nver used too much in higher level practice for a long time…but magnus dusted it off , refined it and used commonly now a days..recently he used it against vishy in sicilian defense which gave him a amazin victiry against the world champion. Moreover magnus knows judit very well , even kasparov does and he clearly avoided judit's pet lines makin the position fairly closed and building a gud pawn centre ,later pushin it for space advantage

  12. its a game designed for people on the far right side of the bell curve. it is what it is, not for everyone..keep at your solitaire 😉

  13. Magnus took e5 with the f pawn to clear the f file for the rook and also to prevent the exchange of his minor piece for black's knight on D7, which has no squares to go to!

  14. this video seems to be a VIDEO. Take off the photo, put a chess table grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr UNSUSCRIBE

  15. They really just need to include a Carlsen multiplier in all of the engines…this move is this strong if you're making it…but it's this much stronger if Magnus makes it…

  16. Judit got SCHOOLED BY THE MASTER! Bobby Fisher would be Proud!

  17. You don't need to watch the 2nd part of the video, where he analyzes engine variations. I, and I'm sure some other subscribers only watch the first half where he takes us through the game, which is usually around that 15-20 minute mark you were hoping for.

  18. eso es , carlsen no la dejaste ganar demostrandole , orgullo !!!!!!!

  19. Great game and analysis, I liked your analysis method it's the same as mine – analyze it yourself, give your thoughts, then a second pass with Houdini to check both their and your accuracy, really good video!

  20. It is only boring if you don't know what is going on. It is actually fun once you understand how incredibly difficult it is and how original some ideas are.

  21. That's the kind of prejudice and arrogance that puts off many people from ever learning the game. Anyway, one doesn't have to be a GM or in tournaments to enjoy chess. The game has many benefits including improving memory, problem solving skills, concentration, focus, and pattern recognition. It also fosters sportsmanship .

  22. probably the cause of the european horse scandal

    by the way …I am vegetarian ….lol

  23. my real elo is only about 1700 (130 ecf) but did Judit have Rb5!? instead of h6?! … that jumped out at me, but although a4 would attack forcing Rxb4, the king has a tougher job infiltrating… maybe…?

  24. boring you say? then why did you watch this video?

  25. I noticed Magnus goes for the Maroczy Bind a lot. Is that like his idea to the progression of chess as opposed to trying to keep your two center pawns?

  26. People who find chess boring but who watch chess videos need to find something else that they might find interesting. Noughts and crosses videos perhaps?

  27. Is Ne5 by Polgar a good move from a strategic point of view? I've been playing sicilian for many years, though I haven't played against Maroczy bind much so I'm not sure, but that plan seems just anti-positional. Couldn't black just continue with moves like a6 and possibly Qc7 with b5 secured? Maybe even e5 at some point.


    Is that you?

  29. There are plenty physical sports that require a lot of skill.

  30. True. However, nowhere near the level of mental effort that chess requires.

    I'm a major NFL fan, and the strategy that goes into it is pretty amazing. Yet, for the spectator, there's not nearly as much mental participation as there is in chess. Yes, you can see how the defensive line responds to the offensive line and what not, but that's still all there is to it.

  31. This game is incredibly instructive. Its almost safe to say that this game increased my rating.

  32. Good commentary. Haven't played through that many Carlsen games but from the ones I've seen this is pretty typical – grinding away accumulating small advantages that eventually add up to a win – impressive but not inspiring. Where are his brilliancies? Searching "Carlsen brilliancy" doesn't reveal many. Chess needs a new Tal.

  33. Well as always Carlsen is playing ''white'' I think if he is the best let him play with black all the time I don't think he can win then anymore.

  34. Wow..amazing…
    but is it real match between World Rank No.# 1 Man vs World Rank No.# 1 Women ??
    I want to see the real video ….

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