Alireza: I should not play classical chess anymore, it’s damaging my blitz skills


  1. That's true. As soon as I stopped playing classical my blitz went from 1799 to 1800

  2. I should not play classical jazz anymore

  3. what?? but isn't blitz chess just a sideline to classical chess? I don't like blitz chess, players mostly win due to inconsistencies and blunders that are results of time shortage. in classical, the game can be way too deeper and way to creative.

  4. I can see the 'real chess' nerds malding after this lol

  5. That's why you will never be magnus carlsen.

  6. Understandable. As soon as I played classical I lost rating points. Luckily I only played guys that played classical as well.

  7. Me: i should not play blitz anymore. It’s damaging my classical chess.

  8. I used to believe the inverse of it. I Should stop playing blitz and bullet as it is damaging my classical skills

  9. Alireza:
    Fan of Alireza: Let's make a video of this.

  10. yeah right i noticed that also.
    i should stop playing blitz chess its damaging my bullet.

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