Advice for Classical Chess

We encourage players on to try 30 0 or even 30 20 games. We give a list of 12 tips for better play in longer time controls. We hope to follow our own tips the best we can.

We also look at some positions that occurred in one of recent 30 0 games where we violated the tips.


  1. Check out Petrosian vs Bronstein, Amsterdam Candidates Tournament, 1956.

  2. Thank you, this I find very, very helpful. Is there a way to watch your videos in som useful, planned order?

  3. Thank you very thankful iam the kind of player who draw GMs and loses to 1200s and the mistake for me was that I never used time in my games I don’t remember a single classical game where my time is below 1h!

  4. Very practical advice! It helps a lot, thanks!

  5. Very Informative and creative video, I like that u also brought in some game examples. This video also really helped me out, because I am having a tournament which goes 90 minutes for 40 moves, also in the chess club im in, I usually play without time pressure, and I want to practice that more to improve my calculation speed and precision. Have a nice day!

  6. Am playing my very first otb fide tournament that will give me a rating hopefully i can win it cause it costs 500EGP to just join and 500EGP = 5 days if working 10 hours per day

  7. Been getting really back into chess the last few months, but mostly have played blitz online 5|5. Have an in-person Classical chess tournament in the next few days and I been assuring myself of the fundamentals. Thank you for the video!

  8. Thanks so much! Im playing my first OTB tournament tommorrow and this just seems helpful 🙂

  9. I have always been better at classical chess than rapid or blitz.

  10. thx a lot!!! next week i will be playing over tthe board 90+30 and this helped me a lot

  11. I am inveterate blitz player and this is really helpful. Classical games are hard to me cuz my tactic was always win on time or on mistakes by opponent happened due to time pressure. Play the most obvious natural moves in the beginning and smash in when opponent have like 30 seconds and you have 2 minutes. Here, it's a different story. You NEED to analyze even on move 5 or even earlier. Concentrate till the end

  12. Thanks for sharing all these great tips .I play a lot of 10/5 games .I will try to play longer games .I love all the content on this channel.

  13. I have my first OTB classical tournament today, 90+30
    I really think that these might help me.
    Wish me luck

  14. Thank You! I have a 60+30 game tomorrow and I haven't played any game in this format

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