A SECRET Chess Technique…

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  1. Apparently I'm doing something wrong, but I chop in classical chess. Probably because there was this one bigger kid who was really good, sort of a rival of mine, and he always used to take my piece…. decide which piece to move……… and then move his piece to the square. I hated that shit. Stop touching my pieces before deciding what to do. That is how I got an aversion towards the "classical" approach as you explained it.

  2. Day 368.875 of translating Levy's titles to Russian: "Секретная шахматная тактика…" (maybe 369 idc)

  3. That one guy in the chat saying "Don't resign vs Ukrainian they might disconnect".

  4. 1 minute down and he goes for a bongcloud 🤣
    what an absolute chad

  5. You posted this yesterday for a few seconds and then you pulled it. I went ALL of yesterday stressing that I would never know the secret!!

  6. Repost :
    Levy giving tips for future me whos gonna be washed 💀

  7. I hope Levy starts a vod channel. I enjoy watching clips where he plays chess but couldn't watch stream because of time zone.
    Would love to watch the whole stream here on Youtube.

  8. Wow! I learned so much Levy, thank you for the advice!

  9. I absolutely love reading Twitch chat. One dude just went "this is groundbreaking stuff" and idk why but it had me rolling

  10. Only true fans know that this was uploaded 2 days ago🌚

  11. Watched this clip fully, two days ago Levy!

  12. Fun fact: Levy played the bong cloud while a minute down against a higher rated player because he literally doesn't care.

  13. Idk about you but my eyes were focusing on the chat lol.

  14. 203rd day of translating Levy's titles into Neapolitan: "Na tecnic e scacc segret"

  15. I capture like this against my dad who literally plays "Potato opening" Nf3 A4
    Danger levels

  16. In my very first otb game I chopped every piece and won my opponent was complaining inbetween though

  17. Dammit. I wasn’t here to look at how he takes pieces over the board. I was here for a bongcloud lesson.

  18. The Giga Chad losing 1 minute and doing the Bongcloud
    Truly a chess Grandmaster grindset

  19. My favourite technique that always works for over the board chess is to just eat all my opponents pieces before they can checkmate me.

  20. My students in a tournament: CHOP CHOP CHOP

  21. is there actual classical piece capturing etiquette? either official or unspoken

  22. Is this like a cultural thing? Back in middle and highschool, everyone I played usually chopped lol (in tournaments we usually got 30m or no clock)

  23. Imagine seeing someone think for a minute on move 2 and then play the bongcloud

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