5 Best Chess Opening Traps in the Petrov Defense | Stafford gambit, Anand was tricked and more

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you 5 best chess opening traps from the Petrov Defense, one of the most common chess openings, which happens after the following opening moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6.    

Even the very first trap that Igor shows you in this video is a killer – thousands of players have played these moves online, which means that your opponent is most likely to fall into these traps! And also, the former world chess champion Viswanathan Anand fell for one of these traps. 

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  1. Qe2 Qe7
    Now black queen has to leave e file.
    And then white will play d3.

  2. In the first trap, after Be3 I got Nd5 attacking my bishop.

    What's the best continuation for that move?

  3. What it seems like you could do for #5. is the same trap you thought us on #1. …

  4. Really great. Very instructive. Thank you

  5. Qe2 pins the knight and attacks it twice.

    Now, d5 doesn't work due to d3.

    And if Qe7 then the evil laugh and play Nd5 😝. Now Qe6 is not possible due to the deadly Nxc7+ forking the king and the queen. If queen leaves the d file, d3 wins the knight.

    Any other move, and we just grab the knight with Nxe4.

  6. Great content, but when the title says "Petrov Defence" I personally feel you shouldnt have included Stafford gambit in the video
    not saying that it doesnt come under petrov defence or that sort of absurdity
    but because IM Eric Rosen has already covered more than 10-20 lines/ traps in stafford and they are among the most watched chess videos in youtube. So it feels repetitive. No offence intended.

  7. Don,t use word in board, we confuse to think, cut it imedetely

  8. What is the 1st trap called? It’s my new favorite trap. It’s so good, Shredder still tells me “I think that was a bad move” when I sacrifice the bishop

  9. I thought petrov defense is for black opening which in favor to them

  10. I find that when the Bishop of Black moves to g4 and I threaten with the pawn most times they just go ahead and take the Knight

  11. After the Stafford knight gambit is accepted, I know there are lines if white then plays d3, e5, Nc3, f3, and Bc4. But if white plays Bd3 is there a line? Thanks!

  12. Puzzle: Qe2 to Qb5+ and take the bishop
    If Qe2 and black plays Bg4 play H3 and kick the bishop out

  13. Queen to e2 also looks powerful. Yea, and then d3.

  14. I wish that Smirnov could make a video about the traxeler counter attack.

  15. 8:05 – If White's move is f3 instead of Qd3, then there is no checkmate. But even so, white will do much worse.

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