400 Elo Chess Made Me Bald

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  1. Is this like a chess horror movie

  2. "Always look for checks" this advice helped me win so many games, and made my first brilliant move !! thanks to it.

  3. I lost 300 elo because of levi 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  4. Back when Gotham viewers commented normal things, everyone’s just 2 brain cell “Gotham never fails to …”

  5. I don't understand, I'm 300 ELO and stuff like this never happens. Like people most of the time actually recognize easy checkmates like upgrading that pawn to queen. Seriously wtf was white doing???

  6. As 600 I never resign, I just wait for my opponent to blunder.

    And then I lose

  7. How is Gotham balding? His hairline looks better than almost any male I’ve seen

  8. White was playing truth or dare and his dare was getting a stalemate

  9. Linkzy and Stoo sound like a good comedic cartoon like ren and stimpy , pinky and the brain and Tom and jerry

  10. I am a 500elo but i would never play like this

  11. 17:12 – When u get above 90% in 10th by studying 1 night before. 😂😂

  12. I'm watching this video in a train

  13. no evaluation bars (or levy's mental health) were harmed in the making of this video

  14. GothamChess videos are the best! I used to be rated 1096, but after watching this video I'm now bald.

  15. Watch some of my 300 elo games and youll bald immediately. 😂

  16. The thumbnail made me scream my lungs out 💀

  17. Another example how chess played ‘ perfectly ‘ is always a draw 💀

  18. Did anyone else start laughing out loud at “This is a spectacularly bad move” 😂😂 and I’m not hating, trust me he’d probably say much worse if he analyzed one of my games 😂


  20. I am watching this while driving
    Very fun
    Really the only time I can actually watch your videos

  21. As a guy that's balding at 19, yes it hurts the feelings as theres nothing we can do

  22. this gave me testicular cancer………..yes you read that right

  23. I am 13, currently 700 elo and slowly rising

  24. I finally got 1000 in bullet and rapids

  25. I'm not even playing and i'm putting an ink pen in my mouth…pluck.

  26. Levy, it's time to shave your head and embrace your true self

    in the future, everyone will be bald

  27. Fuuu you are 26?? Maan stop watching this noobs Man you look like 45

  28. AND WHITE continues to move the A- pawn, cause why not losing is fun.😂😂😂😂😂 I 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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