4 MOVE CHECKMATE: Best Chess Trap for Beginners (Wayward Queen)

Make sure you know this so you don’t get checkmated in 4 moves.
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  1. Playing against this dude must be a nightmare

  2. If they move their knight blocking the checkmate move the pawn in front of the bishop that hasn’t moved so you attack the knight

  3. First five moves then attack the queen

  4. After moving knight to c6 to protect pawn, they can still go back and move pawn to G6 instead of moving another knight
    Now you lose your check

  5. The Wayward Queen attack does not ever work over 500/600 Elo, also black is immediately winning after g6 Qf3 Nf6 with black's knight hopping into d4 very soon

  6. I have no respect for people who attempt this lazy, uninspired move.

  7. Before moving your queen you should probably move your bishop to c4 for scholars mate preventing Nf6

    So ▫️e4 ▪️e5▫️Bc4 ▪️Bc5 (boi variation ▫️Qh5 ▪️Nf6▫️Qf5# checkmate

  8. Explain to me why the king can't just capture the queen

  9. But player use pawn in front of horse 😂

  10. Those aren’t Indy cars their Indy lights

  11. This video is really helpful and it made me the champion of chess in my whole school

  12. when the opponent moves the e-pawn to e5:🍷🗿

  13. If you for example moved your pawn (assuming ur black in chess) only 1 square,and they stoll move their queen then the best move is probay pawn b5

  14. My guy you stole this from somone 1 scroll ago the same guy had the same idea

  15. How is it check mate if the king can just take the queen

  16. THis is called smother mate i tried it then he put his queen besidethe pawn :ME NOOOOOOOOO

  17. I feel highly intellectually disrespected when people use this opening to me

  18. If player place queen in front of king then what

  19. my brother humiliated me. I gotta learn tricks like this

  20. what if they use bishop To Defend That?

  21. No it's not
    Queen is defending the king so king can take the queen

  22. No they'll probably find the best move which is Qf6

  23. Cant the king just take the queen getting it out of check?

  24. That s the f scholar s mate wow the most clique trap ever 🤦🏻‍♂️

  25. This move can back fire on you big time don't ever try this unless you're versing a baby

  26. That was the first opening trap I learned and the last time I ever won a game😅

  27. Don't bring out your queen too early

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