2023 Superbet Chess Classic: Round 9 | #GrandChessTour

Live from the Grand Hotel Bucharest, the 4th Superbet Chess Classic is the first of five legs of the Grand Chess Tour. The nine Tour players are joined by a wildcard (pairings below) for a classical round robin. Join GMs Varuzhan Akobian, Cristian Chirila, Yasser Seirawan, and IM Nazi Paikidze for the move-by-move.


TODAY’S GAMES | 40 Moves in 90 Min. Incr. 30 Sec. / / 30 Min. Incr. 30 Sec.
Richard Rapport (4.5) vs. Fabiano Caruana (5)
Alireza Firouzja (4.5) vs. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (4)
Wesley So (4.5) vs. Jan-Krzysztof Duda (4)
Anish Giri (4.5) vs. Ian Nepomniachtchi (3)
Bogdan-Daniel Deac (3) vs. Ding Liren (3)

2 TIED = 15 Min. Incr. 10 Sec.
Two-Game Match
3+ TIED = 10 Min. Incr. 5 Sec. Round Robin


  1. 1:32:00 "This is complete chaos". (yes – well done, Ritchie ;-)๐Ÿ™ƒ Var: "Very Rich position here".

  2. Paikidze debe seguir en los comentarios. Gran acierto!

  3. Caruana wasn't the best, but it got first thanks to good luck and conservative play…

  4. Hope to see this commentator combo again. Nice job! Fun tournament!

  5. Sebastian, how bout you run for President in the US? Please.

  6. You were watching Setoano Kaibuana, a master at work

  7. One would think in 2023 the technology should be advanced enough that the board doesn't need to revert to the starting position every time it is refreshed by Yassir.

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