2019 Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz: Fast vs. Classical Chess

Grandmaster Maurice Ashley asks the players if it’s more difficult to play quick chess or classical chess?



  1. These videos are great, keep it going.
    Also I find Levon soo funny haha!

  2. Magnus speaks english much better then other guys

  3. I'm a beginner, but I have studied many things what to analyze in a position. That's why rapid and blitz is not chess for me. For example 10 minute games there isn't even enough time for me to look at the full board for a lot of moves, while in long time controls I feel like I won't fail strategically (not sure about tactics and calculation though).

    Even if I was used to analyzing a position quick. I still think that fast time controls are just stupid. How much thinking can really be involved in let's say 5 minute chess? Ideally 5 minutes would be the minimum I spend per move.

  4. We want Ding Liren vs Mamedyarov in BLITZ game of speaking english :3

  5. Mamedyarov makes me laugh a lot, he says that at one time he was 2nd world and then after a catastrophic tournament he passed 40th, all in derision, he has a great sense of humor like Aronian and Grischuk.

  6. So classical chess is just a longer time format?

  7. Are people who are good at blitz/bullet chess are actually analysing the moves? Are their minds somehow faster to process?

  8. Rapid is fine with Classical but Blitz and Bullet is just completely bullshit, I mean what about middle game strategies and tactical moves,
    All it is just capture and whoever promotes the pawn first, just wins 🙄

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